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Hi all I am new too gardenning and have just bought a house with good size garden. Although is is a complete blank canvas. I have made some borders ready but need advice on the best kind of flowers and plants to have to start with. There isnoting in the garden at the moment, Any suggestions would be greatly recieved?
Blimey Becksah, that is quite a big question! Not something that can really be answered in the comments layer of a Blog. Four things: Go to the library, borrow some books. Take out a subscription to Gardeners World Magazine. Get a copy of the National Gardens Scheme Yellow Book and go and visit local gardens Talk to other local gardeners Go to some of the many flower showsthat begin in April with the RHS Cardiff Show. In particular try and get to Gardeners World Live in Birmingham (16-20 June)
Cheryl in New Zealand how does your garden grow? Have had my own garden for a year now and am loving growing fruit, veg and flowers. Planning to move to NZ in about 4 years (North of South Island) and am wondering what how it compares to gardening in the UK?
I have two very sad looking hebes having been badly snow damaged during the winter. Will they survive - should I prune the worst off? Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks James, I have imersed myself in books and ideas on whta I would like.I will hopefully be going to a couple of shows too! One question if you could answer. I have noticed my garden grass is not very good with drainage after the rain. What would you recommend? From a very greatful and still learning beginner!
I have just spent 5 weekends transforming my front garden, i must say with hard work, it is looking lovely i used boarders and pebbles and i'm just waiting for the rain to subside so i can plant my grasses and plants. this is my new hobby can someone please tell me if it is too late to prepare the soil for my plants
Hello, I bought a pot grown Cydonia "Vranja" and it started to look a bit 'down in the leaf' so i quickly planted it, gave it some fish, blood and bone and a good watering but the leaves are even more droopy now than they were before...I'm concerned that the plant is dying and wondered if you would have any advice for me? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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I've noticed that many of my Spring bulbs particularly the daffoldils are coming up blind this year - is this anything to do with the vile Winter and has anyone else got this problem?

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