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Garden Pests! I moved to the country side for a bit of peace & quiet, lovely views, and to to live in the most delightful country cottage with the hope of having my dream cottage garden but everything has gone wrong! I spent vast amounts of money on plants for the garden but alas the rabbits, phesants and the neighbour's peacocks have munched at everything and it is all ruined. What I want to know is that on every gardening program they show how to make your garden beautiful but not one single program shows you how to handle these critters! Does anyone have any advice for me PLEASE. Thanks.
I have also come across my first rat in the compost bin and it has put me about! I realise it has got in by burrowing underneath and this weekend I will be emptying the bin and hopefully not finding a nest. I'll be putting chicken wire at the base. Any other tips to prevent further intruders?
Hello there! After developing the garden for nearly 4 years, I am amazed to see how much wildlife appears little by little to inhabit all the nooks and corners of our garden! I have one problem with roes, though. We live close to a forest and they have been regular visitors at the back/wilder part of the garden, eating fallen crab apples from a couple of ancient apple trees growing in a dense forgotten thicket in winter. For the first time since we have been gardening, they have eaten 3/4 of my crocus, and some of my tulips have been attacked as well! What would you recommend I should do to help protect my plants? They have been nibbling at some emerging perennials as well, and it has broken my heart... Thank you for any advice you could give me... Eric Schweicher, Martelange, Belgium
My garden has been fairly quiet too - most birds have abandoned it. Not seen much of my blackbirds for ages. In spring they will almost feed out of my hand. I have a fox too every night - and a hedgehog and various cats - just hope they don't decide to attack each other. They appear to put up with each other.

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