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Oh, James, you need a photographic equivalent of a secretary! I can't wait to see my photos on my computer and edit them. They then are put into a category like "Nov. in my garden" or "Botanical wonders" or such and a small description. The computer dates them for me luckily and so I have a system which makes it easy to find what I need when I am preparing a talk for a club as I like to tailor my content to suit the people I am talking to. But, of course I have nothing like the number you have and I do ditch immediately the photos not up to scratch.
Do you use any software to help you James? I use a program called ACDSee Pro and it helps a lot. I also go through the pics I've taken and do a quick clean-out of "bad" photos just as soon as I move them to the PC. What I find interesting is that what I consider a "good" photo and what others might consider "good" are often two different things. Like you, I use Flickr (we are contacts too - D&J H.) and it surprises me sometimes which photos people comment on and favorite. Usually not the photos I thought were the best. If you ever visit Mid-Missouri, you and your camera would be welcome to visit our humble garden. :)
Software can help a lot. I use Picassa (Google's free software) which automatically arranges your albums in chronological order.
Oh James, I could have written this blog, word for word. Do let us know if you ever find out how to organise such vast numbers!


Unfortunately my photos are in the same state, although they are in files on the computer they aren't sorted! As my other hobby is nature photography I do tend to 'collect' a large volume of pictures...I have just bought my second external hard drive as I filled my 500GB one!The new one is 1TB but I have only quarter filled it so far!! I keep promising to sort them all out and delete the ones which aren't worth keeping but just can't seem to find the time!! Higgy
James the thing with a digital camera is that you can dispose of the chaff from the wheat, so to speak. I also take loads of photo's and yes some I don't think are worth looking at but some times there is a picture that wouldn't win any prizes such as one with 6 great tits and blue tits all hanging off the little bird feeder at a time, just lovely.
I visited Beth Chattos garden during the summer and took over 100 photos. I have managed to sort them into a more managable 80-100 of the best. I have decided to get them printed in harback book form for my mum's christmas present (and a copy for me). I am using a web company called 'blurb' (no connection).
I am packing up to go to Australia for a few years . I have to leave my beautiful English garden so my photos are precious I don't know anything about AUSSY GARDENS BUT i AM SURE THEY9the plants ] WILL STILL LIKE A GOOD POSITION ,SOIL water and care Here's hoping I have a nice tropical Garden for a few years . Will miss Chelsea and Tatton boo hooooo And gardeners world
we have a problen with bracken in are do i kill it off.because we what to lay a new
I have moved house so many times and had to leave so many gardens, which I loved, that now I can look back at all the photos I took of them and wonder where I got the energy from to create such lovely places. I only hope the guardians of them now remember to take snaps.

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