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I have a dozen 11 - 15 year old budding photographers in my afterschool gardening club, as per your Luke. They are very keen to enter this years Young Photographer of the Year compo and are therefore snapping anything that doesn't run away! We even have pics of the compost rotting. Hmmm, very creative!!

The nice thing is that they will be presenting all their photos, set to music, during a morning assembly to all of their school mates, bringing attention to all of thier gardening hard work as well as building their confidence. I'm very proud of them all!! Give Luke a pat on the back from me!!!

Many thanks for your feedback. I know how enthusiastic Luke is to take pictures, and think digital cameras have provided children with a great new way to take pictures and get creative. Good luck to everyone at St. George's School Gardening Club in the competition.

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