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I agree. Trees in winter are more spectacular than when covered in a green shroud in summer. The shapes are so interesting especially with a coating of frost.It was watching a programme Chris Beardshore did on winter gardening which opened my eyes. He said that people look at nature in winter but they dont see. It has made me appreciate what before I always thought of as a dreary time in the garden and now see it as most beautiful.
I love Crass Beardshaw he is always so deep and philosophical. Winter frost leaves such tantalizing textures everywhere and previously dull plants are transformed into something spectacular by it - until it melts and then they just look soggy.
I wish I could feel like you ,I just think the garden is so miserable in the winter . Except for the birds I just lose interest.
On the way to my daughters house today every garden was a picture, the frost on the trees and bushes gave a fairy tale look absolutly beautiful, made me smile on this freezing cold day and I had forgotten my camera.
I always say I suffer from SAD disorder in Jan, but just being outside in my garden, the smell of winter, the beautiful sights from the frosts,ice and snow and the christmas garland, door wreath and christmas table arrangement all arranged in the garden after we have finished with them inside is my delight and a treat for the birds. This is my garden winter picture.


Like Jean I don't care much for gardening in winter, but do feed the birds daily (plus squirrels and rabbits). A pair of pheasants have returned after a few years, but I can't get near enough to take a photo.Best garden plants are some winter violas, delta cascading,near back door, with a lovely scent, which now and then flatten in the frost but soon perk up again.

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