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Talkback: Garden seating areas

I've got two seats in my back garden. One I have had for a long time and is nice and secluded and the other one, my husband got it at a car ...

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Bunny. Went back to the local nursery and they had some cheaper log seating in so I bought a two seater, it doesn't have a back but I was planning to place it against the shed and it has two side rests. It's not very chucky either so fits in a treat. Every so pleased it was only £35 and it's light enough to be moved about the garden. Will be treating it with linseed oil this weekend

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Jealous zoomer ...that's what I'm after

Pics please so I van drool

When we moved here I saw a teak garden table, parasol and four chairs for sale second hand on our work 'marketplace' on the intranet for £60 and snapped them up - they were only a couple of years old and cost much more than that when they were new  They're real teak so they don't need oiling, just brushing down with a stiff brush in the spring.  They stay out all year and they've weathered to a lovely silvery old-wood colour.  They're on the terrace and in the summer we eat out there in the evenings - even last summer we must've eaten out there at least a dozen times.  That spot is in the shade by the evening, but it's lovely to sit there and watch the birds in the trees.  We've also got a wooden bench at the end of the garden under the trees - that's a good spot for morning coffee at the weekend, and another wooden bench by the back door - that's where I sit and pod peas and broad beans top and tail goosegogs etc 


Gardening Grandma

We bought an originally very expensive conservatory sofa and chair from a charity shop. it isn't meant for outside but we have it in our open-fronted summer house (really an ancient chicken shed clad in wood and decking) and take in the cushions in winter. The amount of ventilation and shelter keeps it OK (not perfect) and it is a fab place to have a cup of tea and gaze at the garden, especially on a cool day. We are sheltered from the view of the surrounding houses and it feels quite luxurious. I keep intending to spray it with paint in some pastel shade but so far have not bothered. 


I will have to take some pictures but I have an old wooden bench that I basically turned into a gazebo with lots of spare wood that I built myself. It took me about a month on and off and its something I'm very proud of. The friends and neighbors love it as well as you can imagine.

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