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I think being partly organic is better than nothing, it's becoming more popular in this age of recycle healthy eating and enviromental awearness society in which we find ourselves. I dont use chemicals because I don't think theres a need, if something I grow has a bad year I just think i'll try again next year. I lost my cucumber plant last year early as well as my corgette but my tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions and potato's were great all free from chemical use.
Interesting, Have just been given a herbal compost mixture from "Common sense compost making by the quick return method" M.E.Bruce First published 1946 by Faber and Faber Ltd. Also reprinted. Anyone wanting the recipe please let me know via the Blog Mo Bentley Lancashire
I have the same problem. lots of flowers then no growth. one cucumber has started to grow but is stunted
I purchased a BillyOh Tongue and Groove garden shed and its falling apart after 8 weeks. Customer service are not interested. Has anyone else had these problems ?


If you can't have 'partly organic', can you have 'more organic' or 'less organic'? I think you can. Which would be the more organic course of action to treat pests in a conservatory - dose with insecticide or throw everything out and buy new? Or doesn't it count as gardening as it's indoors?

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