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Talkback: Garden spiders

Halo Kate,yesterday while I was walking my dogs in the park I saw two old ladies picking up conkers, when I asked if they were collecting th...

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Heather Michaels

oldchippy. Funnel webs. Definitely not a native british breed of spider. Presume we're talking abouy Oz here? One good thing about British Spiders, they won't hurt you. Scare people to death maybe. 

Stacey Docherty

Ahhh heather he's a cutie and loves it when I make cakes lol he vibrates on his web lol ......


there are funnel web spiders that live in the uk.

Heather Michaels

There are?! Oh my god I've been so misinformed lol who do I complain to?! Well in that case all I can say is I've never seen one (thank fully!), or maybe I have and I just dont' know it. Full body shudder going on now. I'll have to be even more careful about checking my footwear before I put them on


star gaze lily


I've heard  somewhere not sure where, that conkers keep spiders away, did try it once, didn't see many so may have worked

Stacey Docherty

CN his spots do look like eyes your right lol I was just talking to him whilst I made tea he was basking in the halogen light looking very nice this evening.... For the record I don't like spiders much either but somehow haven't had the heart to move glen on... If he's still here at Xmas wonder if could throw glitter on his web without him eating it!!!? Big banana spider ::hudder::::


Kate you have started one of the most talked about blogs,Oldchippy.


What's the spider prob, here? Seems like a lot of men being macho to scare the girls with bad spider stories, AND YOU GIRLS taking it! Stop being wimps! Charlie N, you are a particularly nasty gobshite to all the wimpy girls and boys that don't like 'em. I think, 'What beautiful creatures'.

Farmer, on a post like this, where most people are wimpy about spiders, that was naughty, spiteful and cruel! I've known that for years, but as our native spiders can't NORMALLY kill us( and the odd nasty nip doesn't equate in lasting itchiness like a scottish midge that is invisible)  (note this, all of you wimps that got scared!) I've persuaded both my boys (easy as no pre-conceptions) My Mum and numerous friends to at least not kill them . What would YOU prefer in your house? A dirty bluebottle fly that has had it's feet in all kinds of S**t before it settled on your food to give you gastroenteritis, or the spider that catches that nasty disease-spreading thing in it's web?  What IS so scary about spiders? I have had nips by a couple natives.  The thing is that it doesn't hurt at the time, but you itch at the point later. Get bitten by a scottish midge and see how you feel!

So, I think, on this occasion, it might be a good idea to disregard your comment, in overall welfare of GOOD spiders! Mine catch millions of midges every day, and I'm willing to risk the odd 'biter' of a spider, than have to leave my garden. The midges can be a killer, and until you have experienced them, you will never know how the little fuckers feel. Gimmee a spider any day!


I'd agree with naughty, but not spiteful or cruel - that's a bit harsh.

People who are scared of spiders will not go near them.  They will not touch them - end of story.  Their phobia is not based on whether that spider can actually harm them.  In my experience it is the movement that causes the most fear - when they run for instance - just like people who are scared of birds are more terrified of the wings flapping.  The people who are likely to get bitten are those without the phobia.  I do not think I have made anyone more scared of spiders.

However your post did make me smile - the random masking of expletives especially  and I've been in the middle of midge swarms where there are so many everything looks a little blurry.

Spiders are amazing creatures.  They have been around since animals left the sea to walk on land.


Charlie, any spider is a good mate in house or garden as far as I'm concerned. How pretty the webs look covered in dew or frost, or, better still, midges and horseflies! Watching the babbies 'flee the nest' on strands of gossamer is amazing!

Do we have one that eats vine weevils, specifically?!

And, Farmer, sorry, that was a bit harsh, but I KNOW I hid the expletive that began with F! And, to be fair, I do realise that it is often the speed at which they move that scares people. Both mt boys were inititally scared as tots, but now happily share thier room with a large common garden spider (Charlotte, of course!) and make space for her, moving their toys etc carefully in case they squash her! They both also rescue Bumblebees on their fingers when they get trapped in the conservatory, so most fears and phobias can be overcome, I feel, unless they are based on a painful experience.

And I disagree on the bit about people with the phobia being less likely to be bitten. Most people are bitten by spiders they did not see, that were in an unexpected place. One was in a sleeve of a coat I put on. My wrist hurt for days! And wasps are a prime example. Phobic people flap around, catch the wasp by accident without killing it, the wasp attacks in defence then attracts other wasps through pheromones and the situation worsens.  I even like wasps until around Sept when they all go out on the P"£$ and get nasty, or unless they nest too near a busy area of my garden. They are good in garden too, mostly. In fact, all I really hate are slugs n snails, and B)(*&( F*&&^$£^ Midges! 

Spiders are ACE amazing creatures, and I can't make myself suck up the egg sacks in my hoover.  I even gently evicted a few from my greenhouse today before I siliconed some gaps, and was mightily upset when one ran back in and got stuck in it!

Kate Bradbury

Hi everyone, nice to see so many comments on spiders! I admit to not being a fan of the giant house spider, but I prefer the conker method to the vacuum cleaner @oldchippy!

we have the false widow spider in our garage in Dolgarrog - our fault, we inadvertantly brought it with us when we moved here from Reading a couple of years ago (they're fairly common down south) & I was suprised that they overwintered succesfully! Dont mind them too much as I have a good idea where they might lurk but I am wary of them!! I became intimately aware of it one day when I was using the garden broom to clear old webs from the garage ceiling & one ran down the broom handle & into my sleeve - I was rather unsettled........................

I have just today seen white spiders with very long thin legs, crawling on my potted plants.Are they dangerous,?



Only if you are a fly.

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