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can someone please tell me what and why is my pyracanthus infested with a type of caterpillar that hangs by a thread from the foliage? Is it damaging the plant and also could it be the caterpillar of a garden butterfly? I don't want to kill anything that might be beneficial to the garden
why not take a few branches and put them in a large jar together with catepillars and see what happens. Did this in NZ once and watched the whole cycle. The kids were gobsmacked!
Hi Hvae alerted the blog-site boffins about your problem, hopefully a response will appear soon!


my potatoes have what look like seeds on the tops of the plants.what should i do about them.
I have just bought a weeping crab apple Royar Beauty.I would like it to be a little taller would it be ok if I tied the leader stem to a cane before allowing it to weep would this increase extra sideshoots or should I cut the leader at required hight
can anyone help, i have a cordyline about five years old and in good condition but have noticed several shoots coming up from the base, these look like baby ones, what do i do with them??? dig them up or leave them were they are
Hi all i have a Bottle Brush tree which ive had for 15 years with tremedous flowers each year, but this year with snow and the severe frost,i think i have lost it, the leaves are brown with just a couple looking green! what do i do next?
I have a very tall growing plant in my garden the leaves are like those of gladiolas the flower looks similiar to a freesia only larger it is red, I think it may be grown from a tuber or a bulb it grows in clumps do you know the name of it!
I have a problem of insect(?) attacking a flowering bushes / shrub and ,lately, my daliahs. I see no lavia or worms yet the leaves are brown and eaten away, some with brown curly bubbles. Is this leaf minor and what intecticide spray will I use?
I have a new dawn climbing rose that is about 18 years old - I have noticed over the years that the rose performs well in the first instance and I spray it quite a while before it flowers. However,when it comes out a second time it is covered in black fly. This year has been a disaster - more roses than ever and beautiful at first but now totally black and the new roses won't open they look dead. Please advise if I can save this and what I should do prior to next growth and flower to prevent this black fly. thank you. Linda

How do I prevent green fly on my roses


Hi Terence

I keep the numbers of greenfly down in my garden by encouraging ladybirds, hoverflies and bluetits into our garden.  They will all feed on the greenfly aphids. 

It sometimes takes a little while to create the balance of wildlife that will keep the greenfly numbers down, so if my roses get aphids on the growing tips, especially early in the season, I brush them off with my fingers or a soft brush. 

I've also found that an occasional weak solution of Ecover washing up liquid in water sprayed onto the aphids will get rid of most of them and it doesn't harm the beneficial insects.

I hope that's helpful


And growing roses hard.  Over fed plants, lush plants tend to attract more aphids 

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