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It's fantastic to hear Toby will be the new presenter! Well done and good choice! He has been my favorite presenter yet. Looking forward to the new programmes.
I agree with a lot of the comments. Whilst loving Alan and Monty and Fridays nights are not the same, I did think that Carol did a good job with Joe Swift and they should have been left to run things a bit longer rather than slinging someone in so quickly. Also, my husband would very much enjoy seeing more of Rachel De Thame again, might even turn him into a gardener!!
Toby you were my no.1 choice. Experience in one so young! Well done. very pleased. excellent choice.
Might I add my congratulations to Toby here? I take the point about GW never having had a female presenter, but I have to say that Toby is so personable, friendly and enthusiastic about gardening that he really was the only contender in my view. I don't think the appointment is a gender issue - Carol was good but always seemed a bit too sharp for my liking (I couldn't watch her for long). Toby is far more approachable and down-to-earth - like our old favourite, Alan Titchmarsh. I reckon Toby will get the balance just right.
I hope we're not going to be subjected to another arty garden designer. Gardener's World needs an out and out fruit and veg gardener as presenter who can show us some practical work, like Geoff Hamilton did.


Jobs for the boys indeed, good old BBC, nothing changes there. Carol is great, it would be so sad if she was to leave if she is upset she didn't get the job. I would love to know if they offered it to her...
I am so pleased that Toby is to be the next Gardeners' World presenter. I was hoping that the powers that be would see what a natural he is. It is sad that Monty has gone, but I am sure that Toby will do a great job.
I am so pleased that you have chosen Toby at last Gardeners World might return to the job of presenting us with a gardening programme that is not all about going out and spending a fortune at their Garden centre. I hope we get some info on using recycled products and the good ol basics of gardening not all of us are horticulturists. Carol has done a marvellous job in filling in but I dont think she really wanted the job full time.
I got the impression that Carol wante dto spend more time on her own garden this series...until Monty left, she was supposed to be pretty much always presenting from her own garden. I agree that it is something of a shame that it is "another" male lead presenter and also have loved watching CK present GW and other shows recently, but not sure we can assume she was even interested in the job in the 1st place...?
I'm pleased to see that a trained horticulturalist is back at the helm. I too think the current team have done well since Monty's sudden departure from the show, but I guess they have busy lives outside of the show and a lot of eternal expertise was also being brought in to do one-offs. It will be good to have some consistency. Can we have less of the artistic garden shots please and more 'practical' photography.
Brilliant choice, I am really pleased as he seems such a down to earth gardener in tune with real gardeners. I am so relieved it is not Carol as she is great in small doses but I would have switched OFF if we had more of her. I shall look forward to the programme with renewed enthusiasm.
I have to agree with many of the comments so far...why oh why have you not selected Carol as main presenter for the series. She has done a sterling job and her down to earth, enthusiastic approach to gardening is an absolute delight to watch. And what a different atmosphere it has added to the show. Like everyone else I have nothing against Toby Buckland but would have really liked to have finally seen a woman as the main presenter of the show and maybe with Toby co-presenting alongside Joe. Shame on you BBC for overlooking the talent you have on your doorstep and opting again for a male presenter.
Delighted by your choice of Toby (I tipped him as Favourite having seen his Ethical Garden). Let's not go down the route of "blokish bonhomie" with Joe (now predominantly the approach of BBC presenters at RHS Shows). I'm not interested in his private life, just keen to get his take on gardening. PLEASE keep Alys and Carol as co-presenters- they are VERY good at what they do. I can only assume that Carol refused main presenters job so she can be in her own garden more often?


Another man - hmmmmmm. Carol Klein has showed real enthusiasm and humour as well as knowledge. She has done the job well and I think she should continue at the helm.
I expected Toby to get the job of fronting Gardeners' World but Carol Klein has been doing a first class job since Monty left. It would have been nice to give a woman, especially one as enthusiastic as Carol, a chance. Good luck Toby anyway.
Congratulations Toby, and good luck. While I agree wholeheartedly with some of the other comments re the male presenter and also that Carol, Joe and Alys have done an absolutely amazing job of carrying GW on so well at short notice, but I just wonder has anyone thought - maybe Carol didn't want the job?
Good luck Toby, looking forward to seeing you at Berryfields. Does anyone know for sure that Carols not got the role because she didn't want it.Carols one of my favorites her enthusiasm and aproach to gardening and presenting is nothing short brilliant and this is appreciated by viewers and the BBC who call upon her at every oppotunity to cover the big flower shows and the red button on our TV'S when these shows are on and all the other things she does, would she have time to do this has well as every thing else? Toby is not on our screens as much so I would think he has got more time remember Gardeners world is a big commitment for a long time, GOOD LUCK AGAIN TOBY.
Congratulations and welcome to Toby. I know from what I`ve seen you`ll make a good job of the show. Its in very safe hands. Look forward to seeing you in action.