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I agree with many of the other bloggers. What was wrong with Carol? She has the gardening experience and the warmth and (really important) the enthusiasm to get more people into gardening. If you caught the show by accident her presentation couldn't help but keep some viewers watching. If the BBC thinks that gardeners are mainly men so the presenter should be a man then they are badly mistaken. What a sad day for Gardeners' World. We love you Carol.
did carol or joe not want the post or were they never considered. gardeners everywhere were devastated when alan left and i wasnt sure about his replacement monty but to be fair monty did win me over completely in the end and was devastated all over again.i really hope carol and joe continue but alan and monty will take some beating as they were both fab fab fab. hope monty regains his healthy happy outgoing self really soon but health and family must always come first good luck big man you were a superb and deserving replacement, i only hope we can warm to the new presenter and he can become one of the family just as you both did.

well done and good luck in all you do, best wishes, debz

Where on earth has this man come from never heard of him before why not Carol Klein or Christine Walkden surely there is no one more enthusiastic than either of these two.
My mother once told me that if I couldn't find anything nice to say about some one then don't comment, sorry mom, I don't want a facsimile of every former Gardeners' world presenter in my living room every Friday night. Carol Klein is so obviously the next presenter of GW it almost is impossible to comprehend the thought process of whoever has made this travesty of a decision. I have watched this man on a few occasions and dislike his style of gardening and presenting in equal measure. I will no longer watch GW (after 30 years) and will cancel my subscription to the magazine forthwith. I'm afraid the weeds are choking the Berryfields garden and I will not sit and watch them take hold. Thanks for the past three decades GW but it's time I moved house.
My friends and I are very disappointed Carol Klein was not chosen She really has been great on recent programmes better than Monty by a long way and far more practical and enthusiastic, certainly we hope Alys continues to be included too. We don't know Toby but I doubt he will come up to the standard of these two ladies but we'll wait and see.


Berryfields is the problem. Does it matter who presents Gardeners' World when we have no emotional rapport for the garden which is being tended and filmed? I loved seeing Geoff Hamilton in his own garden. I loved seeing Alan Tichmarsh in his own garden (with the occasional cat in the background). I was pretty bored seeing Monty Don (although an interesting and articulate presenter) at Berryfields. Who cared if his crops or flowers failed there? He and his family wouldn't be eating or enjoying them. I have only occasionally watched Gardeners' World at Berryfields and it has reinforced my opinion - the presenters might as well be in a field in Bulgaria for all I cared. I would like to see a Gardeners' World presenter in his or her own garden (or allotment like Jo Swift) worrying about feeding his or her own family or about the display of flowers, shrubs and trees.
Perhaps Carol and the others did not want the job! I wish the new presenter well but hope we will see the others too. Best wishes also to Monty Don and thanks to him for past programmes.
What a pity, carol or pippa would have been the ideal people, but no as usual the bbc stuck its head in the soil and came up not smelling of rose.
A good choice: I've really enjoyed reading Toby's articles in Kitchen Garden magazine over the last few years. For those with allotments it is great to have someone who shares that passion.
I like Toby, and have enjoyed programmes that he and his wife have made in the past. He is very informative. BUT...WHY NOY CAROL? Is is such a long time since we have had someone who is enthusiastic about gardening ... and not about putting commercially grown plants into a prepared bed. More in the vein of Percy Thrower, Carole relishes the ability to fill a garden with plants grown from seed, divided or propogated. If she is not to head up Gardeners World then Please give her her own programme!
Maybe im still smarting from Monty leaving but I dont think he is the best choice. I would have liked Carol or Joe to step up but maybe they have other commitments to prevent them doing so. Chris Beardshaw is another favourite presenter of mine, always seems to know his stuff. I hope Toby proves the doubters wrong and does well in his new position as Britains Head Gardener. Good Luck Toby.
Fantastic news about Toby being the new presenter. He has an awful lot to offer the programme, his enthusiasm alone is enough to make you go into the garden after watching the programme and start rearranging things also starting new projects. I know for a fact Alan Titchmarsh did this for me and it is great to have another fabulous gardener to present the show. I am sure that Carol and Joe will be behind Toby all the way.
Disappointed Carol wasn't selected , she has done a brilliant job at the helm of GW in recent weeks. Her enthusiasm is infectious and has encouraged novices like me to 'have a go'. I hope she remains with GW however, if she jumps ship, I will be jumping with her.
The BBC really were just desperate to avoid having a woman presenting, weren't they? God forbid that a woman, even one so knowledgeable and experienced as Carol Klein, should front Gardener's World. That's a man's job.
There is definitely a theme running here and I am adding my name to the list. Carol and Jo have done a sterling job and whilst no-one will ever fill Monty's shoes, they have bought there own flavour to the programme. Carol's passion for gardening is obvious...and whilst no bias is intended, it is about time is it not to give the job to a woman. Gardeners World, Carol has proved that she can do it, so why not give her the opportunity.


I first saw Toby Buckland a few months ago and he reminded me of the much loved and much missed Geoff Hamilton. When he popped up again on Gardeners World a couple of weeks ago, I wrote to GW Magazine to suggest he could be Monty's replacement - many others of you must have agreed and I'm so pleased he is taking over. I was torn as I also think it's about time we had a woman presenter and Carol would be the perfect choice. But I'm sure they'll complement each other.
Perhaps Carol didn't want the job in which case, I think it a huge shame as I have always liked her so much. I run a garden project for learning disabled adults and have a real problem getting referring bodies to think of gardening as an option for women. A high profile female presenter would have helped us in the field of social and therapeutic hort.
What a dreadful shame. I have nothing against Toby Buckland, but I have really enjoyed Carol Klien, she is a great presenter. I thnk the BBC has missed a huge opportunity. She is a gifted communicator and a supurb plantswomen and if the woodland patch that Toby Buckland planted last week is going to be the norm we are in for a stint of twee mediocrity. If we had to have a man, why not Chris Beardshaw, a classy classic plantsman, however I will always feel that this position as Britain leading gardener should have been given to Carole. What a very disappointing mistake.