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What a disappointment, having watched Gardeners world since when AT first took over, I have NEVER enjoyed it so much as since CAROL has taken the helm (sorry Joe but she's got something magical that comes over so well!!). Such a shame she has not been given the Main Presenters post - I hope it's because she didn't want it! or she must feel bitterly disappointed with the powers that be.I agree give Carol her own show!!
Must agree that Carol Klein was the obvious choice, shame politics, chauvinism, or stupidity still rules in the BBC. We need a change, but will we get one - no. Carry on Carol.
Toby is an inspired choice of presenter to join Carol, Joe and Alys; it would be absolutely perfect if they could share the presenting equally between them ...... they all inspire in their own unique ways. The perfect team.
Congratulations to Toby I am sure he will do a great job. But disappointed I had thought it would be Carol or Joe as they have not only been great since Monty left but I still think they have great deal still to offer. But perhaps neither of them wanted the job.
Why do other people, mainly women, shout discrimination just because a job went to a man. In my opinion women claim there is a "glass ceiling" when they don't get a job whereas men just accept that they were not the best unless there was active positive discrimination. If this were to be the case in selecting a male this time then Carol or any other person who applied/was considered for the job could make a claim! IMHO get on with gardening and relax rather than trying to find some ulterior motive for selecting a man!


Is it only a strange coincidence that it appears the Carol Klein Supporters Club is predominately made up of female members? Whilst I think she brings a lot to the show, particularly with her enthusiasm, I can understand why she might not be considered as ideal for the lead presenter role. I am heartened by people comparing Toby Buckland with Geoff Hamilton as in my view GW has drifted a bit since his sad demise. Could I also join the call for a bit less of the arty media studies camera work and more emphasis on practical gardening matters.
I agree that Carol has been doing a superb job, and would have been very happy for her to continue - but if she did not want it than that is a different matter. I know little about Toby but wish him well. I am however with all the others - if not Carol then the only other choice was Chris Beardshaw!
It's not the presenter that's been the problem with GW over the last year or so. It's the Director/Editor and the cameraman. We don't want celebrity presenters or soft focus shots from behind a leaf. We want clear shots of plants (with names on screens) and garden designs, not talking heads.
Carol is almost a parody of herself - she gets so excited ! Surely we all know how to propagte by now or take plants out of pots !
I agree with previous posters who feel it's time the show had a WOMAN at the helm instead of another middle aged man. Not Carol Klein, no she wouldn't be my first choice - she's a tad long in the tooth career-wise and her exaggerated enthusiasm comes across as a sickly in anything other than small doses. I'm sure she's a lovely person and highly competent so no insult intended, I just wouldn't choose her for the presenter's job.

Me - I'd have chosen Alice. For someone who has been on TV for such a short time, she comes across as incredibly relaxed and natural in front of the cameras, has a warm personality, is clearly knowlegable and hard-working, easy to follow and understand (she has a natural sense of pacing) and most of all I already feel I grasp something about her values and who she is as a person. It's the same thing I loved about Monty - that what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality. Unlike some previous posters, I actually loved Monty from day one and completely endorsed GW's choice in making him head presenter. I don't get this same warm feeling from Toby. I find the way he talks somewhat plodding and irritating, even awkward. I don't get that real gut-deep feeling of enthusiasm from him. I just don't warm to him in any way - although again I am sure he is a perfectly nice man and a knowlegable gardener. Frankly, the choice of Toby as presenter has turned me off GW. If it weren't for Alice I would probably stop viewing GW as "appointment TV". I really hope they aren't going to scale down her role now a new permanent selection has been made. Disappointing. Come on BBC, where are your "cojones"?!

I've been reading the majority of posts, shaking my head. How many dummies are being thrown out of the pram? Then comes along the following post ... jings crivens ... some sense finally! "I agree that Carol has been nothing short of fantastic whilst holding the fort at GW but maybe she chose to take herself out of the running. Before Monty left she was spending more time in Devon and who could blame her with such a beautiful home and garden. So, without the facts, lets not be so critical. Lets give Toby a chance. He is enthusiastic and personable and I believe he will do a marvellous job."
Most upset. What is wrong with Carol Klein. Such enthusiasm and she knows what she is talking about as well. Matter of fact, i'm in love!


Good choice - never heard of him before but I saw him last week and thought -it will be him! I hope Alys continues to get a spot - she is good.
I have to say I have read all other comments and agree and disagree with some of them. However, I was hoping that Carol, Joe and Alys would continue as they have been doing since Monty left. Why did GW need another presenter? Of course as has been said perhaps they did not wish the commitment and it would be nice if we knew if this was the case. I am not familiar with Toby as a presenter other than the few times he did GW so I will keep an open mind but I really would have liked it to continue as it was. I never tire of Carol's enthusiasm, its really infectious and did Joe really cultivate his allotment all my himself?!!
Having watched GW for many years I have longed for a presenter of Geoff Hamilton's calibre to come along. A mixture of enthusiastic horticultural knowledge and a keen eye for saving a penny or two with his diy projects. Since his death however I have enjoyed watching Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don do sterling work as presenters each with their own style. I agree that Carol would have been a natural choice but as mentioned by other people she may not have been available to do the job. I have seen Toby on many gardening programmes and find him down to earth, knowledgable and he has some great ideas with regard to creativity in the garden on a budget. I feel a new era coming for GW with Toby at the helm and wish him good luck. Please can GW return back to basics and yes avoid the fancy camera angles and too close close-ups.
Well done Toby,we look forward to seeing you. The whole team have done a great job and we have enjoyed seeing a different GW. Onwards and upwards and all the best to Monty.
Whilst I think Carol is a very knowledgable gardener it drives me mad when she gets too OTT and talks as though she is going to get a fit of the giggles. When she is talking to people rather than the camera she doesn't do it as bad. Is it nerves? I like Joe and enjoy the fact that even an established gardener has always got something to learn. Toby is another good quality gardener. A leading presenter? Only time will tell.