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As far as I'm concerned the sex of the presenter is irrelevant. I loved Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarch and Monty Don. It's to do with who would have been the best presenter and I think that would have been Carol Klein for all of the reasons stated above.
Monty will be a hard act to follow but i think toby is a great choice looking forward to watching him in action
I've enjoyed watching Toby Buckland presenting gardening programmes for years since he was on UK Style with his wife Lisa and do think he is a good choice, but like most other people thought Carol would have got the job
I was delighted to find that one of the names I'd put forward ,Toby Buckland,(the other being Cleve West)to Gardener's World for the vacant Main Presenter post has actually been chosen for the job .Well Done Toby , we can all look forward, once again ,to some actual Gardening on Gardener's World.

Can I also reiterate that whilst Carol Klein is a marvellous co-presenter , Joe Swift is still too lightweight,self-obsessed,and so-obviously not a practiced or dedicated gardener that he should be removed at the soonest instance.

Once again , I'd like to suggest that we see the re-introduction of Rachel De Thame,Pippa Greenwood,Ann Swithinbank,Christine Walkden,and not forgetting Chris Beardshaw or the aforementioned Cleve West as Guest/Co-Presenters . But ,most definitely, JOE MUST GO ! !(I suspect his mother-inlaw ,wife and children , apart from visitors and other friendly gardeners did the allotment upkeep ,more than he ,in any case,as he was away preparing for and cack-handedly presenting the Various RHS Flower Shows on TV ...)

I really hope the only reason Carol didn't get the job is because she didn't want it. Her passion and enthusiasm are so infectious and she really knows her stuff. I'm sure Toby will do a good job but it should have been Carol.


I'm not worried whether the new presenter is a woman or a man and didn't immediately warm to Monty Don after Alan but then did enjoy Monty's style and was sad to see him go as the team with him, Carol and Joe was enjoyable.

I am a great admirer of Carol and would have been delighted to see her lead the programme. She has infectious enthusiasm and friendliness along with the professionalism to back it all up. Whether in her own garden or at Berryfields her love for what she does makes you feel as if she is having as much of a personal conversation with you as she does with the family she has been helping on the programme. I would like to assume she isn't heading it because she's far too busy!

I thought with Tony guest presenting on Gardeners' World Live and then on the programme he was being shown as a possible contender. I didn't like the woodland patch but that was something for one programme and I am willing to see how he progresses with his ideas for long term projects over the coming months and wish him luck.

This is not about a "male or female" presenter.... it is about who will do the best job and get the public interested in gardening. I have watched Toby Buckland on Sky tv for years and he has everything a lead presenter on Gardeners World needs. I am delighted he was chosen.... I am a woman and I am afraid Carol Klein gets on my nerves a bit. Toby is a fantastic choice.
I too am surprised that Carol Klein is not the new presenter. My husband - a long suffering 'garden widower'(but then he has astronomy for his hobby) now watches Gardeners World just because she is so enthusiastic, clear in her presentation and will admit to any mistakes. I know each presenter will be different, but....P.S I've got a soft spot for Alan because he presented me with my degree at Writtle College 3 yrs ago, and he is just a great but normal person.
Not all of us are in a position to redesign our gardens. I, and many others, enjoy learning about plants, how to propagate, what goes where etc. and Carol, Joe and Alys convey this information with enthusiasm. So for us, the presenter must have the love of plants as their priority. I hope that those who held the fort will still be there on Friday evenings sharing their infectious enthusiasm.
why not let carol klein have the job .carol has done so well for gardeners world. i see the BBC is still run by a bunch of old stuck up males
I have seen Toby recently on GW and over the years on a few other gardening programmes and was totally disappointed by his appointment as the main presenter. He comes across as very pleasant but in no way an inspirational gardener. I dont think the lead presenter is about gender but about being talented in terms of horticultural knowledge and having the ability to make people want to use the information given in their own gardening. I would have been happy with Carol but also Chris Beardshaw or Andy Sturgeon, so please Toby prove me wrong and good luck
Saw Toby's garden at Gardener's world live show, was definetly my first choice for a winner, wasn't surprised at his awards. Someone who will be able to inspire us, talk to us knowledgeably, but without going over our heads, with a passion for real gardening, Alan was always my favourite but i'm sure Toby will soon make his own stamp on the show. Everyone should stop going on about it being a sexist thing... surely its a gardeners thing?!!!
For a long time now, long before Monty became sick, I thought what a fantastic presenter Toby would make for Gardeners World. He is bright, cheery and very knowledgeable - and now he's here!, fantastic!, I cannot think of a better crew to man the best gardening programme there is than our present trio. Toby Carol and Joe. My wish has come true. Well done Toby.
I have only just heard that Toby Buckland has got the job. Toby is obviously a very good presenter but I just can't believe that Carol Klein wasn't the automatic choice; her enthusiasm and experience seemed tailor made to front the programme. What a shame the BBC didn't have the courage to employ her as the first female gardener to front the show - she is the perfect candidate.
I agree with many of the opinions here. I have nothing against Toby Buckland but Carol, Joe and Alys have been doing a great job of presenting the program since Monty left. It seems a shame to change things again. Carol in particular has improved as a presenter and her enthusiasm and obvious love of gardening is inspiring. I can only hope that Carol declined the job, rather than it not being offered to her. I think she's great!


Toby is a good choice and I think it is better to have someone new to the garden at the helm but please keep Alys as a presenter rather than returning her to her original role as head gardener in the background, she is a real breath of fresh air.
Enormous credit is due to the BBC for choosing the first ever gay presenter of GW. A very brave, but honest decision.
So Toby Booth is the new presenter of Gardeners World. I find it hard to believe, as I assumed that every living Scottish person already worked for the BBC. You can almost bet your mortgage on new presenters being Scottish, except in Scotland where they ALL are. The BBC are nothing if not predictable!
I am absolutely disgusted to hear that Carol Klein is not to be the GW main host. She has revitalised my interest in the show and has a natural empathy that some of the multitask presenters beloved of deadbeat BBC producers can never aspire to. Typical BBC sexism and an opportunity lost in favour of a nonentity.
Carol Klein is the presenter for Gardeners world and no other will do. Carol always brings the same down to earth sexiness that Alan Titchmarsh used to hold the audience: she deserves to be the anchor for Britain's premier gardening show.