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Saw Tobys first programme tonight. Good to get back to basics and away from the namby pamby breed of 'Gardeners' dominating the airwaves. Joe Swift won't know what hit him. Feel sorry for Carol, shes done such an excellent job in the interim and I hope shes big enough to put all the BS behind her and carry on doing an excellent job.
Carol is very good - knowledgeable, warm and enthusiastic - but as a middle-aged woman with a regional accent she was always going to be passed over. I've nothing against Toby but the BBC should be looking to be more inclusive.
Must say I thought the first program with Toby (whoever he is) was a bit flat.When Carol took over from Monty for an inital six weeks I thouht (like many others it seems) that she was being groomed for the job. So I am very suprised she was not even consider for the job since here love and enthusiasm for all things gardening leaps from the screen at you. Chris would also have been a good choice -great presenter with a good sense of humour. Perhaps in time however?
My two choices for new presenter were Carol or Toby, but after having just watched tonights show (19/9/08), I found it very boring. The '70s style gardening from Shropshire (old fashioned) and the awful camera shots drove me mad. Please somebody give Carol her own programme, or at the very least update the present Gardeners World before people turn off altogether.
I'm amazed how people can assume Carol wasn't even considered for the job or that it was sexism that meant she didn't get it. Couldn't it be either that she didn't want it or that the powers-that-be thought she wasn't the best person for the job?

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the viewing, and for me Toby is doing a fine job. I do miss Monty who, to me, epitomised the best of GW, but Toby is a more than worthy successor and not a bad choice at all, though I would have been equally happy with Chris Beardshaw or Rachel de Thame in the driving seat. Shame they're no longer regulars on the programme.


Interesting that someone should comment earlier in this thread that they look forward to Toby continuing with the environmental theme, and others saying we should all give Toby a chance. Yes, we should. But a chance to change the direction of the show entirely - ? Did anyone else see the Daily Telegraph article where he encourages amateur gardeners to buy plants instead of growing their own, and to use chemicals?! This is not an attack on Toby, but a serious point about editorial control - in this day and age, did the BBC's audience research work indicate that THIS was what the GW audience really wanted?!
Well fishy6969, Toby has certainly 'surprised many' this week with his comments in the press. As for him being 'in the Geoff Hamilton model' his comments on pesticides and peat show that he couldn't be further from Geoff and his ethos if he tried. Geoff was ahead of his time when he tried to encourage gardeners to work with nature and respect the environment. Now, just when people are beginning to realise how right he was, along comes Toby Buckland with his anachronistic views to undermine all the progress that Geoff and subsequent presenters have made.
Every time there's a new GW presenter he's greeted with a degree of hostility. My mother-in-law still only recognises Geoff as the proper GW presenter. When he sadly left us it was Alan who got it in the neck. Likewise Monty. I don't normally get teary eyed but Alan's departure was an end of an era for me. I had a love-hate relationship with Monty on GW but loved dearly his work and ethic outside of the programme.

For me I think Toby will be a great presenter even if I'm surprised they still went down the main presenter route and not give Carol and Joe equal billing. For my money it should have been the Beardshaw.

Sadly, I found GW with the new presenter to be trite and staged in equal measure. Felt that Carol and Joe had been scripted to show off the new lead man! Poor choice of someone I had never heard of, prepared to be open to, but ultimately felt he was far short of the mark.
It was a bad move to have appointed a new presenter for GW that seems to have been based largely on his Hamilton-appeal. I held up my hands in despair at the feature on tedious and water-hungry displays of bedding plants? BBC it seems you're looking backwards and playing it safe, maybe because times are hard.

Shame on you BBC - the exciting and really different option should have been (and judging by these comments - popularly so) Carol Klein.

I feel the format of gardeners world is lacking. Picking apples from a tree while talking about 'step overs’, I know what they are but do any novice gardeners watching know? Can't the BBC introduce some garden design themes in to program, not just heres a plant, heres a hole to put it in. Geoff programmes were so much more interesting. And poor Carole, she barely had a three minute slot.
come on lets hear what carol and joe have to say about toby. if all of you got that chance to do gardenersworld. you wood take it. so come on lets hear what joe and carol have to say first after all they have not got a blog to contact them on. even in gardenersworld. wher you are saying they should be in tobys place. so come on lets hear from both of you?
Whose bright idea was it to give the lead presenter’s job of flagship programme, Gardener’s World, to a relative unknown? When and where was the audience research conducted? Don’t get me wrong, I hope that Toby makes a great success of it and I wish him all the best, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Carol Klein was passed over for this job. I agree that Monty Don was a hard act to follow and you need someone who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a strong personality……………like Carol Klein. After all, she has more or less been doing the job since Monty’s demise anyway. If Toby was chosen to appeal to all those middle-aged females who the BBC thinks make up the majority of the audience, then they are very much misguided, because I am one of them and totally disagree. What a wicked snub to someone who would have been perfect for the role. Someone give this woman her own show. Until then, in the wise words of Alan Titchmarsh, whatever the weather, I won’t be enjoying Gardener’s World!
how can enyone juge till you here from carol klein or joe. to say if they wonted the job in the first place. carol is a good gardener so is joe and toby so the only two that can anser this and stop all the bichin is carol and joe so cume on lets here from you.
i would just like to say that i think carol is an insperation to me. i love watching gardners world, & every time i see carols happy face it makes me laugh she is such a delight to watch as her dedication & love for gardening fills my heart, since watching the programe i have turned my unused gardening into a place which gives me hours of pleasure. i now grow my own flowers & veg, each year i go from strength to strength. well done carol for being an insperation to us all.


i would imagine joe is busy with his garden design business, and carol is busy with her nursery, i expect neither of them would have the time to present the show as well, i am a great fan of both of them, and i am enjoying joe's book "the allotment" and well done toby, your doing a fantastic job. I just wish GW did not disappear from our screens for so long especially in the hieght of the growing season, when does it come back?
Wish it had been Chris Beardshaw. Now he is a hunk and a bit of TV totty woudl not have gone amiss.
I watched last weeks Gardeners World Friday 29th Oct and regarding peppers did exactly what was shown, today 2nd Nov checked them only to find them shriveled and soft. Ware did I go wrong? Please reply to Ken Smith at:-