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We miss Geoff Hamilton so much and then Alan became a close second to our hero. Toby Buckland - such warmth, a genuine people's gardener, someone we can relate to and we are going to tune in to Toby on Gardener's World with a true passion for gardening. Bring it on Toby!
I agree that Carol has been nothing short of fantastic whilst holding the fort at GW but maybe she chose to take herself out of the running. Before Monty left she was spending more time in Devon and who could blame her with such a beautiful home and garden. So, without the facts, lets not be so critical. Lets give Toby a chance. He is enthusiastic and personable and I believe he will do a marvellous job.
I echo the comments of most of the contributors so far: Toby Buckland may be well qualified for the role but why ignore the obvious talents of Carol Klein? She's more than capable of filling the lead role, as she's shown over the last few weeks. A case of the producers picking someone to appeal to all those middle-aged females whom they surmise makes up the GW audience perhaps?
Totally the wrong choice, sorry but I really think there were lots of other candidates better candidates and not all of them were ladies.
So sorry it's not Carol with her enthusiasm and 'down to earth' facts, great to see a lady with hands covered in mud and compost. It's about time we had a female presenter heading 'Gardeners World' gardening is not just a male pastime.


I am appalled by your failure to appoint Carole Klein. Why not have a woman? She is a superb presenter who tactfully holds this show together. Her knowledge covers all areas and she has years of practical experience. she has the enthusiasm of a 20 -year old. At least you say Buckland is a real gardener even though not well known on TV. This leaves a nasty taste of sexism ageism and secrecy.
Nothing against Toby Buckland, but why on earth has the BBC once more gone with the middle aged male presenter for Gardener's World? What a disappointment for all fans of Carol Klein, for example, who has done such a brilliant job of holding the fort over the past couple of months! If not specifically Carol, isn't it time that any one of the very talented women presenters out there was given a chance at being main presenter? Honestly, I find this completely unbelievable - I'd just presumed that Carol would be at the helm from now on. What a missed opportunity. Surely the BBC should wake up to the 21st century world of gardening, which has just as many talented women as men.
Why recruit another MAN? The recent shows hosted by Carol Klien have been the best for years - real gardeners and novices have enjoyed her knowledge and enthusiasm. This just shows the BBC still prefer jobs for the BOYS. I hope Carol & Alys jump ship and launch a show for real gardeners.
This great news, gardeners world at last back to where it should be, in the hands of a gardener right out of the same mould as Geoff and Titch, but with an individual, unique style with exceptional communication skills. He is the missing link between the other presenters and quite obviously by far and away the best decision the BBC have made in years. Well done!!
40 years on and still no women appointed as the main gardener on Gardeners World. No disrespect to Toby (I'm sure he's a great gardener) but isn't it about time the BBC showed that there are lots of great gardeners out there and they are not all white, middle aged and male.

Well done to Carol (plus Alice and Joe of course) for holding the fort since Monty left, I'm sorry it seems that the BBC didn't make you the lead presenter.

Why not just let Carol run the show? It's been better than ever with her in charge. Why do the BBC think they need a man as lead presenter? This decision is sexist and ageist.
I wish Toby Buckland every success in his new role and presenter of Gardening World, and am looking forward to see his results. I am very sorry that it seems that Monty Don will be missing from the programme and wish him every success in his "new projects" I just hope that we have not lost his infectious sense of humour!! Good Health Monty!
Not at all surprised to read this news ... was watching him the other night and I thought to myself "bet it'll be him". I like Toby and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him presenting GW. Best of Luck to him.
I'm sure that Toby Buckland is a very good gardener but am very surprised Chris Beardshaw has not been chosen as the new main presenter of Gardeners World. Surely his knowledge and experience have made him the 'nation's head gardener.'


I had just started watching Gardeners' World again, Carol Klein is such a great inspiration and I hope she continues to be a regular presenter. I hope the new show will have less of the dizzying out of focus camera work, and too many extra-close close-ups, we need to see the gardens as well.
I like Toby's approach to gardening but I would have thought that Carol Klein would have been the obvious choice for Monty's replacement. Perhaps she didn't want the job.
It's not a man v woman matter: its about being able to enthuse, relate to the public and encourage people to try their hand at gardening. I had guessed Tony Buckland would join the team but never as the front person. Of what was the producer thinking? Carol should have been the front person with Tony and Jo as the sidekicks. Just think about Carol and her veg series. She has proven TV skills and knows her stuff. She's a born communicator and committed presenter. Oh dear,the last reasonable BBC programme about to hit the dust. Love to Carol!
I agree with Wendy and was looking forward to a female presenter for a change - I wonder what the viewers would have preferred (if they had been given the choice)?