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We went to Gardeners World Live 2 years ago & we really enjoyed it, unfortunately we cann't go this year, I am so jealous of all of you that are going. Adam is right comfy shoes are a must, so is a bottle of water as you get thirsty in the heat in the halls and drinks are expensive. The Good Food halls are great for all the food tastings. Hope you all enjoy yourselves.
Please can you help? I've got ants in my compost bin again this year and I have no idea what or if there is anything I can do to get rid of them. Last year I didn't notice them until the flying ants were swarming out of the sides of the bin. This year because I've managed to use up all of the compost and got to the bottom of the bin, I've noticed earlier with turning the compost over.
After seeing “Alan T” presenting on the Chelsea flower show (excellent again) I think he may not be at GWL but down the local sun bed salon topping up after the bad weather!!


It doesn't look like he's officially presenting (, but who knows, maybe he'll make a personal visit - that would be fun! I'm going on Friday...fingers crossed for SUN.
As someone who complained about Toby when he took over from Monty, I must now say I'm a convert to the new Gardener's World. There was some pretty successful brainstorming done to effect such a mix of knowledge and fun.I like having only 4 presenters; each individual has a strong identity and the sum creates vibrancy (I hope this won't go on the wall in the shed!)I am now a fan of Toby who instructs clearly on gardening topics, and leads his team with a velvet gloveToby My favourite thing is the fun orange paint, and can we sometimes have a bit more depth for people who already know all this? Perhaps an extra part of the programme structure?
I'm a new recruit to gardening and I'm really enjoying myself! 2 or 3 years ago you'd be lucky if i could keep a hanging basket alive for 10 minutes. Now I've got a lovely container garden at my front door and last year won a local comp. I never realised how rewarding and relaxing gardening could be.....
We were there on Friday, a beautiful sunny day. The show is terrific,so much to see and enjoy. My ankles are black and blue from being hit by the numerous box trolleys, could you ban them?
There on Sunday, weather was great, not too hot, some nice gardens (although only nice and not "great" like the previous few years) and only spent £50 on stuff, that i never knew i needed til i got there!!! Ace day always worth the 1.5hr drive to get there. The brass Band lads were really entertaining while eating our lunch.
I too have got ants in compost bin but they are every where in the garden, do they harm plants? I have planted two beautiful Margaritas but they have both died, when I dug them up, there were ants nest underneath - can anyon help please.
I recall Ayls mention using nettles to make a food plant (Gardener's World 3/4 weeks ago) - am looking everywhere for a recipe as hubby gathered some out & about for me - it's been brewing in a plastic container (with secure lid) - hubby says if we don't start using it soon, in this heat we could have a serious 'elf & safety problem, he thinks it may explode, on lifting lid it stinks to high heaven and if I use it neat on my plants we think they'll keel over & give up the ghost! Please can you help - many thanks - xxxx's 4 Joe from Pam

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