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Looking forward to my visit tomorrow! Came last year with my friend and had an amazing day whilst leaving my very green husband at home looking after our two year old son! This year my mum has very kindly offered to look after my son for the day( in exchange for filling her extensive plant shopping list) and i get to share the day with my wonderfull hubby! so i have just washed out the plant trolley! put the N.E.C. post code in the sat nav and am all set for an early night and a great day tomorrow! see you all there
My friend and I had a fabulous day out at GW live yesterday! I had my picture taken with Toby, who was just lovely and friendly, and we saw Carol and Joe filming around the show too. It's my favourite show, with lots to see and buy and plenty of space to do it all in too. The displays and gardens were wonderful and we are already planning and looking forward to our visit next year! Manby thanks to all concerned.
Visited on Wednesday after missing going last year and thought it was smaller than usual with not so many exhibitors. Particularly wanted to look at Lawnmowers and garden tools but not much to see and a lot of other regular stalls seemed to be missing this year. The displays and plants were nice as usual but have to say disappointed with the overall shopping side of the show this year. Also thought that not so many people attended as well as it was not so crowded.
Visited the show for the first time ever and thought it was really great. I have been to Chelsea and Hampton Court before but was very impressed at the NEC at how easy it was to see everything and get to speak to the experts, presenters and designers who were very friendly and helpful. The patio talk we booked into was really interesting and the others we saw from the sidelines were good too! Thanks for a great day out and I will definitely be going again next year.
Visited for the first time on Thursday not knowing what to expect. We had a great day and will certainly be back next year. It was good to see all the Gardeners World presenters 'in the flesh' and we were lucky enough to get to speak to Carol! Thank you


while watching gardeners world live, i was very impressed with the gravel garden and would like to try and recreate this in my own front garden. would it be possible to get a list of the plants used or similar ones for a part sunny garden in liverpool. thanks
Had a good day at GWLyesterday. Spent far too much but, hey ho, it was well worth it. Joe was in find form in the Theatre as was James. Message forToby: Joe reckons he won at bowling? is that correct?
Can anyone tell me where I can buy a hydrangea jogasaki please, what an amazing plant. Well done Carol great choice
dear carol klein i have a garden on the east cost of lincolnshire in south sommercotes i like the way you take cuttings and seed from your plants have you written a book on this i have very little knowledge on gardens i am now 65 years old i can only work very slowly for about half an hour at a time as i run out of puff but i love my garden very much please could you help yours brian l carter
I never get to Chelsea, or the NEC but love to hear about it on BBC TV, it really would be joyful to come and look around, at all the plant's and gardens that really do astound,I tell myself that next year will be the time, but it comes and goes and I am left wondering, perhaps it will be next time.
Went to Gardeners World Live last Friday and was very disappointed with everything, it seems to have degenerated into a food show with the occasional plant stand.It seems after talking with some of the traders that the NEC has priced everyone out of the show.£23+£8 for parking seems excessive for the fare on offer. My group will not be coming again.
My Wife and I visited the Gardenersworld Live this year and as usual was not disappointed we has a fabulous day, we would like to congratulate every one for their effort, I think if you staged this show a few times a year we would be there each time, without a doubt we will be here again for next years show well done everyone, see you all next year.
Reply to Paul: Thanks for your comments. Do remember that BBC Gardeners' World Magazine readers and subscribers buying tickets in advance can enjoy great discounts. For instance, over 65's this year could buy tickets for just £15, with adult tickets starting at just £17. Subscribers also enjoyed free tickets to the theatre, and the exclusive use of a Subscriber Lounge. These are just some of the benefits of subscribing to Britain's Best Gardening Magazine.
Hi - I too have been hunting Jogasaki - I think you will find one via the Duchy of Cornwall Nurseries - it will cost you £23 though !!!
went to the show today for the first time in a couple of years and was very disappointed in the way everything was set out, seems like the stalls at the entrance were just thrown together far to close you just could not move there was no room,and loads of stalls seemed to be missing a lot smaller than other years, to many food stalls not enough garden stalls selling plants.

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