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Some great blogs mentioned there, it's always nice to find new ones!

Here are some I read that you've not mentioned:

Oh gosh! I only wandered over to Gardeners World coz it's better than doing the budgets and what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much x Yours inelegantly, HM
I actually like the blogs that are more homey and down to earth. I don't like those that look like a professional gardener wrote it. I can buy their books or go to the web site. I like personal stories interwoven with the garden info. I like to read about failures and joys of gardening. I like yards that look like a normal person lives there and not someone who can afford five gardeners and their yard men.


Can one of you experts out there tell me why my rose bushes are getting black leaves on them should i do something in February i have clay soil which is supposed to be good for roses the flower is fine
I agree with Eve about enjoying the amateur blogs, but we are here after all reading professionals blogs too! Just found a weekly blog by a professional worth a read theruralgardener
those black leaves will be caused by blackspot won't they? Wont really harm the plants.
Could you take a look at my site please? Thanks

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