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how do u get rid of maires tail it a weed we have problems all year every year still it comes back. a weed a bit like japanese u cannot get rid of
In tune with the moon by Michel Gros introduced me to Moon Gardening.This concept is not applied in our land, so i wanted help from all corners to know its limitations.Your formulae for Moon Gardening is easiest.Your article maakes moongardening practical for a starter like me. Thanks
I have tried to grow onions on my plot for 3 years with no success. This year I did not use sets I grew from plants.I had the same results onions the size of a golf ball. My site is very dry do they need lots of water?


This is the first year we have had an allotment and we have encountered two problems! our onions have done nothing and all our broccoli went to seed very quickly. Any suggetions or help please?
I have planted three Patisson,Sunburst (Pattie Pans) in my cold frame,they are growing very well,I have lots of flowers on them but the flowers keep falling off there dose'nt seem to be any fruit on them. Could any one tell me whatI should be doing to get them to fruit. thank you
as regards what to do with sprout stalks dry them they make brilliant walking sticks
I usually buy plug plants, does this system work with these, or should you actually sow the seeds on these dates?

i'm happy to read this about moon planting, i have been using it 18 months since aquiring my allotment although use the 2days before new moon to 3 days before full moon is for above ground crops and vice versa for roots but have heard of the 4 times and will probably extend to that as i get more experienced. being cancerian i love the moon hence my user name.

Tried this a couple of years ago but find that the weather here is so unpredictable that I struggle to stick to even the basic principles unless I want to be planting in the pouring rain and gales (which I don't!) However, my brother-in-law is a farmer in Cyprus and although he doesn't refer to it as 'moon gardening' there are certain crops he plants according to the phase of the moon - Sweetcorn was one in particular but I can't remember the details.
Graham Morgan
We had a gardener on our allotments who used to garden by the moon, sorry he used to moon in the garden I think that is a totally diferent thing.
Sorry couldn't resist silly comment

 This is my second year of veg growing. I grew broccoli, swede, sprouts and kale from seed for the first time. The broccoli grew well but became very tall. Is this 'Bolting'? Also the heads were very small and went to seed /flower very quickly. Did I do anything wrong? Everything else is doing ok although some of the swede are still very small while others are rounding out nicely. I would be greatfull of any advice. I am growing in raised beds in my back garden.


Here's a simple on-line calendar that can help with moon gardening - 

I find it helps me organise my time better when I do follow it but sometimes I just go with the weather and hwat is urgent and that's especially so this year as I was unable to do anything at all from January to late June and just had to sit and watch the weeds grow.

cody smith
this is interesting, i am only 11 and its a bit confusing for me but i mite try this thankyou


Gary Hobson

I was gardening by the moon, this morning. Seriously, I was.

I went outside about 6.15am. First light is a good time to check for any slugs, and I also put out bird food. The robins round here are very demanding and like their breakfasts early.

The moon was right overhead, and what made the sight more spectacular is that right beside the moon was a bright planet. Nothing else was visible in the sky. It was impressive.

Oh dear.  Talking to my Husband about this, and now he's started playing REM at me.  I HATE REM.  I'm off to wage war on the mass of weeds that's my back garden.

I live not too far from john haris moon guru. There may be something in this but I am sure any benefit is marginal,. More important is to garden by season, by day length and by soil warmth. It is sensible, logical and practical to garden by this criteria.......
Gary Hobson

I mentioned that the moon and a planet were a notable spectacle in the sky this morning. The planet was Jupiter, and there's actually an item about this event here, under 'highlights of the month (Sept 8th)':

So, this morning something significant was happening between the Moon and Jupiter.

The position of the moon, and the planets were considered to be very important to gardeners, in the 16th and 17th centuries (and possibly before).

There's a lot of information about sowing and planting according to these criteria in very old gardening manuals. Here's a tiny sample (transcribed into a modern typeface)...


flowering rose

gardening by the moon was done in bygone days.(I have a book that tells the ways yesterday).Whether it works or no I cant say but the pull of the moon does effect tides.