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Actually, lunar cycles do affect quite a few people's behaviour, hence the word "lunatic" to describe people with what used to be preceived as madness.  Ask any midwife about when women's  waters are most likely to break and the answer will be during a full moon.

Let the doubters doubt.  Let those who believe believe and let those who just need a bit of help organising their time follow the calendar as they wish but let's be clear.  This is not gardening by moonlight.  This is gardening according to the cycle of the moon as it orbits the earth each month.

"moon gardening" is a big distraction. Sowing at the correct time when soil is warm and properly prepared, feeding appropriately and watering as necessary ...These are the most important factors to consider not the (academic) affects of the moon. I have no doubt whatsoever that moon gardening makes no noticeable difference. By all means garden according to the moon and it's phases but be prepared to miss out on otherwise ideal days for seed sowing and planting

There are studies:-

Examined was the relationship between lunar position and the day of delivery and the synodic (in astronomy, length of time during which a body in the solar system makes one orbit of the sun relative to the earth) distribution of spontaneous deliveries, especially in relation to the presence of a full moon. A retrospective analysis of 1248 spontaneous full-term deliveries in three-year period (36 lunar months) was done at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Civil Hospital, Fano (Marche, Italy). The results showed a connection between spontaneous full-term deliveries and the lunar month. The effect of the phases of the moon seems to be particularly relevant in mothers who had birthed before.

And another in France:-

There are published works that show that there is such a relationship. One study4 looked at 5,927,978 French births occurring between the months of January 1968 and the 31st December 1974. Using spectral analysis, it was shown that there are two different rhythms in birth frequencies: –a weekly rhythm characterized by the lowest number of births on a Sunday and the largest number on a Tuesday and an annual rhythm with the maximum number of births in May and the minimum in September-October. A statistical analysis of the distribution of births in the lunar month shows that more are born between the last quarter and the new moon, and fewer are born in the first quarter of the moon. The differences between the distribution observed during the lunar month and the theoretical distribution are statistically significant.” – Source: Full moon, Gravitational Pull and Childbirth,

I wouldn't mind gardening at night, I would be able to catch the people who are dumping their rubbish in our garden.


There are "studies" and more "studies" usually by people who are achieve results they are looking for. It's interesting....academically....but I wonder how many on this forum will actually,practise moon gardening

I remember a few years ago participating in a massive thread on the BBC website about lunar and other planting. Despite numerous invitations, none of the supporters of this method could come up with any supporting evidence. As several posters have said above, you need to sow when you get a chance and when the weather and soil are suitable.

Unless an independent person or institution gets around to doing genuine, monitored, comparative trials - and someone might be able to point me towards some - I can only conclude that it's a lot of woffle.

I suspect that people who claim to get good results owe any success to the fact that, being slightly fanatical about it, they take particular care to get all the other variables right and so give the seeds/plants the best chance.

Apparently the moon is moving slowly away from the earth.....scary. If we are going to start moon gardening then the sooner the better.....
Oakley Witch
Well I will be giving it a shot. You wont know til you try something so Im up for ago.
Sue H
Jon cob - con job

...yes. But it's a good idea. So, you finally can give the Moon blamed the failures..., Greetings, ThaiGer.

Oakley Witch
Jon cob. I think you will find that the moon does effect people. I think that due to the fact we are made up of so much water is why.
It only affects me when there's a full moon. Otherwise I'm fine!
Bunny ...
Do you start howling too Verdun

I worked in medical and a&e admissions were higher for certain cases on full moon
Caz W

I used to be a werewolf, but I'm fine noooooooooooooooowwwww


A full moon in February too cold for

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