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We also watch the bats in our back garden in an evening, have put up a bat box on the garage wall and hope they will take up residence there. Will take note of the planting help though, thanks
Does anyone else have problems seeing the video's. My computer is up todate with software, I've e-mailed the difficulty but can't get a response. I keep a record of my passwords, user names and any other requests. Am I being thick or what.
I can't say I have ever had any difficulty, and I don't get asked for any user names or password. I just do what the site asks and click on the highlighted words for what I want to see. I am sure you are not being thick, although you must remember, with computers, it is "rubbish in, rubbish out".
Dear ever-hopeful. We're sorry you have not been able to view the videos. It's worth checking if you have an ‘ad blocker’ filter enabled, either in your browser or anti-virus software, as this can sometimes prevent playback of the videos. If you turn it off, you should be able to view the videos. Hope this helps Kate
I have a 2 year old Star Jasmine that has never flowered,I would love some advice please.With Thanks


The bats around our house come alive at night, they are everywhere, we have recently put up some small bird boxes to encourage them to roost, beautifully graceful mammals. PJC Consultancy
WE LOVE BATS! Just put up a bat house above the house vent on the north side of our house- To save the two who fly over our house, from the white nose virus. How can I get them to see it? Watched them fly around last night, but want to put a 'bat beacon porch light' over the entrance to the new house. Any ideas?

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