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When I was A gardener for NACRO in 1986 A car ulled across in front of our van,I went flying onto the floor,The forks,spades,hoes etc..fell onto floor between the seats on top of me fell two very burly tall gardener's.I ended up with all my ribs broke,damaged hip bones,spine damaged(but not permentantly)Ended up in A&E and still on painkillers today!As you can see from the above injury it has not stopped me fron gardening!
Still havent finished deadheading lavender.Nail hasent fallen off but obviously cut through nerve endings. NO FEELING IN THUMB TIP AT ALL. Will it recover, d'ya think?
i must be one of the lucky ones so far, touch wood! also, i'm a professional gardener, do it for a living, 5/6 days a week! i've had the odd backache, and occasionally the body decides to hurt allover, but never broken anything + only missed a couple of days work in 10 years of gardening through injury.
I am also a professional,also studing the level 3 RHS,but that stil does not stop me from having accidents every now and then.I would rather not have them but if they are going to happen,they happen!
Had a bit of a mishap last week.Putting some canes into the garden,One snaped and impaled in my arm.Funny thing is that I did not know it was there,I thought that I had just a graze,until,that it, I saw all my left side covered in blood.I took the cane out.and got medical attention.How silly though.Oh well!

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