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i reuse my 4pint plastic milk bottles by filling them with rain water and building a wall with them, which gets dismantled when the veg. garden needs water and the rain water butts are empty. It works very well. I do not have a car but my garage roof is covered with Clematis montana and all vertical surfaces have climbers up them Gardening vertically as well as horizontally is a great idea.
What a wonderfully silly idea, Kate. i don't think it would work on my 2CV. perhaps a hanging basket would be better. Dot.
One wonders what a hive of bees would think if they were on the top of your car as you did 70mph along the M40. God help you if you ground to a halt in a traffic jam next to someone with one of those on their roof, there'd be a lot of angry bees!
Being concerned about climate change is like worrying about your next hemorrhoid. It may happen, it may not..You can't predict it with any kind of accuracy and surely human kind can do nothing to stop it...Really FOOLS live your bloody lives and stop listening to nancy progressives for god's sake...
I could plant a garden in the back of my Nissan pickup. That's 24 sq feet, give or take, with the endgate closed. I could move it into the sun on nice days, and re-route the downspout to irrigate. Joking, but it's not the worst idea I've ever had.


Stupid idea. How much weight will you be putting onto your car? Or yet better you start guzzling more fuel with when your car weighs more than what it does now.
putting gardens on your car is a stupid idea and it wont work. if you want a green car buy a small cra or a car with low emitions or if your stupid paint your car green
nc, Anonymous have completely missed the fact that the green roof for cars idea is a joke. golf clap, folks.
Bodnant Garden in Conwy is THE best but does not appear on your list....whyever not ?
Reply to thea.goujon: the list of gardens in this vote is comprised of public gardens that have opted to take part in our 2-for-1 Gardens to visit guide. If one of your favourite gardens is not included in the vote it could be that they have declined an invitation to participate. Best, Daniel The Gardeners' World web team
i have tried everything to reduce my carbon foot print, from trying pills to try to reduce my foot size and cramping my feet into shoes two sizes too small when the first failed, this however ends in multiple blisters, any better suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
Judging by what happens to all the football flags people parade on their cars, I'm not sure the flowers would survive for too long! Catxx best used car
Green roofs are very much appreciated as an aid for green programs especially in the urbanized areas. The science behind green roofs is so much easy. It is a threshold for carbon absorbers and a cleaning aid for the polluted airs in the society. Even if this is just a temporal solution but in one way or another it helps in delaying the harmful effects of carbon and air pollutants to man and the environment. Planting is still the cheapest and most effective way to regain Mother Earth's smile.
its a funny idea, but i wouldnt fancy driving round at 20mph terrified that if i go above that my mini garden will end up on someones bonnet :)

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