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When Geoffrey was Superintendent at Harlow Carr Gardens he visited our Horticultural Group in Cookridge, Leeds on many occasions. He always refused payment, and always delighted us with his warmth, humour and knowledge. If we visited the gardens he would never be too busy to escourt us and sharing his joy in the plants. When he left Harlow, he had no choice but to cancel his arranged talk to a joint meeting of three local societies. A year later he telephoned and said he wished to come to fulfil the booking he had cancelled. By that time he was in great demand by the TV and Radio. Naturally, as Chairman I was delighted. He spoke to a packed house and to my amazement, still refused to accept any payment. A truly wonderful man and outstanding gardener. Jackie Goldby (then Ramsay)
Didn't Geoffrey present a short series called 'Mr Smith Steps Out' where he went on different walks in the Dales? I sure would like to see again/download those if anyone can help - I have had no success finding anything on the internet

Does anyone has any old videos or DVD's of Geoffrey Smith please, particularly his fruit garden series?

I have an uncle who has dementia and we have converted a couple of his laserdiscs to DVD and they're helping him tremendously, as well as being great viewing and full of tips for me as well 


Have you looked on Youtube Carl?

Yes, managed to find one episode of his fruit garden in two parts but that's all unfortunately.

Also found his Desert Island discs interview on BBC radio 4 which was great to listen to.


Carl, Someone has posted a few episodes to Youtube in the last couple of weeks, I've been looking for ages too!  

Thanks jayneh, that's brilliant

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