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sadly missed ,a true gentleman.i hope i have as much knowledge as he had and indeed as much warmth
I remember Geoffrey Smith demonstrating double digging. Amazingly, it was absolutely mesmerizing. I doubt whether any other gardener could have held one's attention for a moment let alone for the considerable time that he did. I shall miss him and his wonderful voice enormously.
What a lovely, warm person and such a great voice. He has gone to that place where tomatoes are always without blight.
I was so sorry to hear of the death of Geoffrey Smith. I loved to listen to him on the radio and television and enjoyed his comments and explanations and of course his humour. He was one of those brilliant people whose great knowledge made it possible for him to explain things very simply.
what a beautiful tribute, Pippa, I am really saddened you have lost such a great friend and mentor


His programme about alpines takes me back to my childhood and was one of the people (along with Jeff Hamilton) who started my interest in gardening. God bless
I watched a TV program called Geoffrey Smiths vegetable garden back in the 1980s, I wonder if it’s on DVD now I would love to see it again.
My abiding memory of Geoffrey Smith is his calmness,his patience, a sense of there being all the time in the world to talk to you, demonstrate, explain. Having just watched a frenetic, neurotic sounding edition of Gardener's World (the 1812 Overture and one image per second of roses!) I beg the producers to take a look at what Geoffrey had to offer and to think about why he made such perfect television.
My dad met Geoffrey Smith when he came to Winchester to do a Gardeners' World item about Roy Lancaster. (My dad lived just over the fence; in fact Roy Lancaster's house was built on my dad's old allotment!) I should explain, this was a long time ago! We had a male Garrya elliptica in our back garden, and my dad was very pleased when Geoffrey Smith said it was one of the best specimens he'd seen.
I feel a deep loss at the death of this very well informed man, like the person who commented above, I became a gardener through Geoff Hamilton and still miss his calming voice on a Friday evening.
I will always remember Geoffrey Smith visiting our garden when I was still a child. My mum was in a gardening club he regularly gave talks to. He got down on the ground near some cyclamen and told me how he had puzzled about how seeds spread so far from the parent plants. He explained with sheer delight that he had seen ants carrying the seeds off! He also complemented my mum on the effect of a blue viola peeping through a blue picea. I am now a professional I told him I would be.
How about re-running some of Geoffrey Smith's gardening programmes or give viewers the choice between the 2010 and the 1980's episodes--you might be surprised at the result! We so miss the calm delivery of Geoff, Jeff and Monty.
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Rabbits on the allotment! "You can throw stones at them, but woe betide you if you hit one" Such a caring abd sensitive man. I still hum his signature tune when I go to my allotment. Such an inspiration.

Does anyone has any old videos or DVD's of Geoffrey Smith please, particularly his fruit garden series?

I have an uncle who has dementia and we have converted a couple of his laserdiscs to DVD and they're helping him tremendously, as well as being great viewing and full of tips for me as well


Yes we have seen this and the second part also on YouTube,  it was this and Geoffrey's Desert Island discs recording from Radio 4.

Apart from being very enjoyable we also noticed that they helped my uncle. 

Have managed to get copies of Indoor Garden, Flower Garden and Vegetable Garden ( with a bit of damage) converted from laserdisc so we can watch then as we don't have a LD Player.

I note he mentions the Fruit Garden videogram at the end of one of these but have not come across it yet.

Thanks for replying and posting link all the same though, it's reassuring to know others read this thread.

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