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I have three gooseberry bushes and plenty of fruit on them so please can someone tell me when to pick them as they are white and very large ????
something is eating the lease of my goosberry bush they are stripped bare I can not see any bugs ore catterpilers please help thanks Alan
something is eating the leafs of my goosberry bush they are stripped bare I can not see any bugs or catterpilers please help thanks Alan
Where do I find the answers to the questions posed by the users of this web site? Thanks
My tomatoes are being eaten by woodlise on the plant even the green ones, please how do I stop them. Thanks Roger


This will be the 5th year of trying to successfully grow Gooseberrys.The first and second year I had attacks of sawfly which stripped the plant completely of it's leaves, the third year, mildew which I treated with organic derris dust which didin't work, the fourt year mildew again so used pyrethrum which worked but no fruit! This year and I'm going all out to get some fruit from this plant!! I heard from somewhere to mulch with pine needles and potash so I burnt the christmas tree and will try this!! If this doesn't work the plant will be joining the christmas tree on the bonfire next year!!
I have been given a red gooseberry - however, it has only one branch, how and when do I prune it to get it to become a proper bush?
I too would like to grow gooseberry bushes and like the sound of Captivator as it is thornless. I make quite a lot of jam throughout the year and I was unable to find any gooseberries in the shops, when I asked why they were not available I was told that they could not find anyone to pick them, such a shame as they make wonderful tarts and jam.
I had the same problem, last year 2012 I purchased two bushes, but they never flowered :(. Luckily they flowered well this spring, and hooray, I have fruit which look healthy, so my advise is, wait, hold on another season for them to feel established, hopefully they will flower next spring, and magically the fruits will arrive. Good Luck. P.S Do Not Prune this year, it may shock them.........

can I take cuttings from my well established gooseberry bush ?


Hi Ken, a couple of years ago I pruned off some low-hanging branches which were too close to the ground and planted 9 inch long sections 6 inches deep in the ground.  About half of them rooted and I now have 3 extra young bushes.

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