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I found one mouldy gooseberry and a little mould on one leaf of each of my two new plants. I took these off straight away. Do you think I still need to cut off the WHOLE branch on both, and should I plant them far apart to stop it spreading? I dont want to use chemicals and I dont mind them not getting a crop this year if it means I can protect them. Ta
I have planted a small gooseberry bush which now has quite a few fruits on, the fruits are covered in a brown furry skin it rubs off and the fruit is green underneath the leaves are brown around the edge is this a disease?
I've just signed up to this site - have had same problems with three gooseberry bushes, quite mature bushes but suddenly they all developed same symptoms - start off okay in spring, flowering etc - then mildew - are fruits okay to eat?? What can I spray these bushes with, and is it worth persevering with them or should I pull them all out and start again somewhere else in garden (please say no, they are lovely big bushes ...)
any advice on pruning apples pears cherys & goseberys thanking you brian
I get a grey layer , turning black,which rubs off with water. Tried normal cures including bicarb wash but nothing works

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