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What minimum temp. will tomatoes tolerate? I have to plant mine in greenhouse on allotment as too big to keep in flat!
What is it with the automatic vents? Mine have a habit of opening at the merest hint of sun and then not closing. So i too am in and out shutting the things when the sun goes in and the wind gets up. Suppose i should just disconnect them!

Apparently there is a litle nut somewhere on a vent that can be adjusted for the opening/closing.  Fortunately not had to adjust mine, so not reall ysure.


I have a thermostatic oil-filled heater on a timer in my greenhouse, along with an electric fan for circulation. It is timed to go on at dark and off at dawn. I keep the temp @ 10*C at night. I adjust the timer as necessary.



Have you insulated your greenhouse as well, Inkadog?

Because of the high cost of heating,I have moved away fro overwintering plants such as fuchsia,s and pelargoniums and buy plugs in spring.Also any seeds which need sowing before mid march again I buy plugs.The result is I do not incur heating   the green house between October and April

I do have automatic vents but find them a nuisance in the winter period, and do not control temperatures effectively,I find shading from the low winter sun more effective.Also strong winds have damaged auto vents.


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