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Hi I have had a problem with tomato blight for the last three years, having just read an article ref Botrytis on Rasberries, could this be causing me my problem withe my toms. Cheers
can i transplant raspberry bushes and if so when would be the best time
i have treated my gooseberry bushes for fungus as recommended by the instructions on the bottle my question now is "are the fruit now edible when they finally mature " or do i need to destroy the affected fruit?
I have to tell someone....2 weeks ago I was clearing the last of the raspberries off my friend Dave's canes, and growing next to them he has some grape vines which he didn't think had been very successful. Peeking through the leaves were three very respectable bunches of black grapes! Delicious! This is on a VERY exposed hill in the slate mountains of North Wales!


Not impossible -  I have enjoyed many's a bottle of Welsh wine and have a cellar full of superb English fizz going back 20 years. Just made a gallon of wine myself with a mix of greenhouse grapes and next year's vinyard vines currently in pots. There are some benefits to being an exiled Scot living in the soft South .

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