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Thank you for making me aware of the danger. My conservatory where i grow my peppers is tacked on to the house so I have already closed the roof vent to conserve heat and the windows and door to prevent the squirrels from eating my figs. I shall keep the conservatory as dry as I can and keep an eagle eye on it. The large green peppers are just turning orange.
It is getting harder ti avoid as temperatures drop, beacuse it is all too tempting to keep the door, vents and windows tight keep on ventilating whenever possible!
I have had quite some success with just pots of soil and droping seeds in and have slowly got more ambitious over the last few years trying to grow more. i used a propogator last year and created such a moist atmosphere that i lost almost my entire crop for the year. since then i have learnt ventilation is definately key, I was not happy :( I have pulled together what I have learnt from other blogging sites, friends and festivals in a growing guide that may be useful so check it out if you are interested :)
my peppers have been a bit slow this year too,after loosing the first buds while on holiday in july.I think they may have been over wartered.No trouble with the dreaded Botrytis yet.

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