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This blog is about "Grow and Eat", Brijan, so may I suggest you grow some veg. with your houseplants. Plants are like people - they like company, so you may find adding edibles to your repertoire will improve your houseplants.
Reply to Brian: We passed on your comments to the GW programme team, and they sent the following response: "Hello Brian. Many thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. We did actually feature an item on orchid care in the last programme. If you missed it you can watch it at: We may be covering houseplants again during the series, as it's something that has been mentioned at one of our production meetings, so we hope that you will continue to watch. We try to include items of interest to a wide range of viewers, and bring beauty to the screen for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. Thanks again!" Also, Brian, you might find our collection of greenhouse gardening projects on of interest: We hope this is useful. Best wishes, the Gardeners' World web team
doesn't a day like today gladen your heart's, I went with our local Horticulteral Society to "Hall place" in Kent today, run by the local Council, really a smashing place and they sell plant's so I have slightly cheated and purchased some Italian plum tomatoes a yellow fruit just to make a change from my usual variaties.
Help please! Im a first time veg grower and need a little help. I have planted my courgette seeds in seedling trays and they have now germinated and have 2 strong leaves and a 3rd leaf on the way. Am I right in saying that I plant out when the plants have all 3 leaves and the chance of frost has gone? Also do I put only one plant in a pot or 2? Secondly I have planted dwarf beans in a seed tray 2 per insert. When do I plant these out in containers and how plany plants per pot. They are contained seeds? Thanks Lisa


Just one other question..... I sowed my cut and come again lettuce in a row in a long trough. Do I need to thin it out now its come through the soil or do I leave it. thanks Lisa
I have just moved house and have an empty veggie plot and an old compost heap, am I too late this year to dig this compost into the plot if I want to plant seeds andplants?
hi i too have just been out and dug 2 veg patches....nothing too big as i am a complete novice....i have read up on potatoes and think i can do them but i would also like to do onions, lettuce and peas......any advice is greatly appriciated......(i think my soil has peat in it will this make it hard to grow veg)
im growing vegetables for first time this year as my husband finally finished building my greenhouse . I am trying-lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, courgettes, carrots ,radishes and spring onions. A lot of this will be container planting. But Ive noticed my spring onions are not doing well. Has anyone any advice for these? thanks
Adam, I really want you to help me to grow pumpkins in my garden. The pumpkin leaves are a delicacy in my country (Zambia). Please help me because the soil is clay and they do not grow properly. I have managed to buy big pots, what kind of soil should I use.?
Help! My young pear tree(bought 2 yrs ago) has become unwell. As the leaves developed they curled up and hung down and are now mottled with what looks like red rust spots and turn black at the tips as if they have been singed - What is it & what can I do?
I know Adam was asking some time ago about growing Okra. This year for the first time I have small half inch success. The seedlings looked yellow so when I planted them out into the greenhouse border, already generously fed with compost and manure, I gave them comfrey same as I would tomatos. I have interplanted them with Cosmos mainly because i had so many and partly to attract bees to pollinate but i have little half inch okra under the shade of the towering Cosmos that have still to flower. I am so excited I just had to blog. I shall carry on treating them as tomatos on the fertilizer front and hope they continue to grow. Also two of my 4 Tamirind seeds from a packet have germinated. Expect I will have to grow these in a pot in the greenhouse but any help would be much appreciated.


i am very lucky and inherited a garden in march which had not had much growing in it.being very keen to grow my own i have gone a bit mad and planted all sorts. having only grown chilli before i think the massive amount of work i have done has been worth it.i have 4 types of potato,2 tomato,5 peppers,4 chilli,aubergine,courgette,cabbage,cucumber,carrot,spring onion,brown and red onion,shallots and peas.i have also thrown out some old furniture and used the draws for lettuce,radish,land cress,mustard leaves ,rocket and spinach and peas for the shoots.everything is coming on great.the weather has helped as south london has been very kind to me.the only bug problems have been ants farming the aphids and i found an organic product in homebase containing spinosad which sorted them out.i try to garden organically the only spray i have used was one for mealy bugs on an ornamental and i wipe off any aphids by hand.i have just got my first early pots and they are lovely roll on the season xx
the first crop from our cherry tree was great. Masses of fruit and great flavour. Last year I put fleece over the tree as the fruit would be ripening while we were away and much as I love the blackbirds, we wanted some too! We came back to find no fruit and the tree very damaged by aphids. This year looked like being a bumper crop but the all fruit started to go slightly brown and gradually shrivel up and fall off the tree. We will have non again. Has anyone got any ideas please.
Please help. In Feb issue of G.W. you had a list of potatoes , some the tastiest, most prolific etc. I took Your advice and planted a choice of two, one being Vales Emerald {excellent} and another which I didn't write down the name of. Could you please send me the list.
this was my second year of growing veg, alot of my mates think im silly for growing veg cuz im only 19 i love doing it and always will, i got alot out my garden this year like, new potattos, spring onions, ice burg lettuce, strawberrys, tomattos,dwafe beans, chilly's and sweetcorn. still waiting for the sweetcorn to ripen abit more and the chilly's are starting to come out, the iceburg lettuce was amazing i love it, and the spring onions just teasted better then some from a shop, dont like tomattos but my mom does so i grow them for her, i could keep theres just one thing i would like to know iv got strawberrys out the ground of devon and i know they will make it throuth the winter but will ones that are done by seed stand it or is it bests to bring them in?