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i have a shady garden and have a veg patch which i have had for two years. unfortunately I cant get rid of any trees (conservation area) and I have lightened area by removing canopy as much as i can. So I am very much trial and error as to what can grow. Soil is excellent very fine rich from all leaf mould over years. So far potato crops low (will be cutting out the tops next year), most thing seem to search for the light and bolt. Tried courgettes this year and they seem ok, but everything else disappointing........... three broad beans etc!!! Any suggestions for next year as to what to try.
can anyone help. Butternut squash fruits form well flower wilts then fruits rot( the fruits are about 2" long) the palt is very healthy lots of fruits but all going the same way.
Can anyone tell me when to harvest sprouts? This is the first time I have tried growing them and they appear to be ready with large/hard sprouts having formed. My partner says he remembers picking sprouts at Xmas. How do I know that mine are ready to eat? They were planted in the spring by the way.
Reply to sprout-lady: Different varieties develop at different rates, and while some will be ready to pick in October others won't be large enough until February or beyond. Once sprouts look large enough I'd start picking them, probably starting at the bottom of the stem and moving upwards.
This is my first attempt at growing tomatoes, I cam only grow them outside in a grow bag as I have no other space. I need some advice. I have got my plants (Alicante & Moneymaker) in 3" pots but with the recent warm spell they are now in flower, I know it's to early to plant them out, should I just leave them as they are or take off the flowers?


I meant to add my tomatoe plants are outside during the day, at night I bring them indoors on a bedroom windowsil.
Adam, I am growing my own veg. but the seeding are small and leggy and most don't survive. What's causing this and can you help?

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