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i have aliums in pots they are just great but will they self seed for next year or will they grow again in the same pot do i just leave them be...M
I have alliums that are in flower and amoung the flowers are small like bulbs what do i do, can i remove them.

I grew alliums in my previous garden which was clay.  I didn't put them on gravel or anything, just shoved them in and they were very reliable.  I was given some seedheads for my new garden which I sowed in a big pot last summer not realy knowing the best way to go about it, and now magical little shoots are starting to appear.  What forgiving plants.

I planted 3 of the allium globemasters a couple of years ago but unfortunately only one seems to want to bear a flower which is rather annoying considering they were £5 per bulb! I am unsure whether this is down to a 'duff' bulb or lack of feeding. I garden on heavy clay which I have attempted to improve by adding sharp sand, compost etc. I feed my borders religiously in the spring but then generally forget as the season gets underway. Is it worth keeping them planted to see what will happen or is there a reason why they are not flowering? Any advice would be great.



@Pan Thompson, Perhaps they need a sunnier spot?

I am growing alliums for the first time this year but the leaves are starting to brown. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?


@naomi4: Well, if its the globe type like mine, above, they send out lush growth early spring and then the leaves die back some time in June, when the flower spikes are in full bloom or slightly after. Maybe you have an earlier variety than me because right now, mine are still leafy without flower spikes yet   Keep an eye on them.

so, how do you grow alliums from seeds?


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