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I cannot wait to make my apple crumble this year using my aunt's Bramleys - fortunately for me my mum didn't get all of the crop this year so I will try that Good Food recipe out Kate if it comes recommended. My rabbit is still indulging in some late windfalls and for one fussy bunny, he sure likes the gnarly ones!!
It definitely comes recommended PeaPod, was fantastic. Aww I used to feed apples to my bunny when he was around. Sadly he's not around anymore...
My Bramley tree was very old when we moved in 46 years ago and each year when i see it absolutely covered in blossom, I dread this is its swan song but it never happens and the apples seem to get bigger and bigger. I'm still freezing and giving loads away this year. I have a very nice apple called "Charles Ross" which you can cook or eat - hard, clean flesh and a very good keeper which will stay on the tree till Xmas and can then be eaten straight off the tree - by which time it is a glorious Xmassy red all over.
patientgardener - I could... but I'd have to grow them on MM26/27 rootstock so the fruits and crop would be smaller and the plant would be more susceptible to pests and diseases. My garden only gets two hours sunshine a day too, which doesn't make for very tasty apples. And the garden is so small, if I plant a tree it's got to be more productive than that!
Why don't your readers think about planting cider apples - to make their own nectar. Kingston Black is the king of cider apples and also makes a seriously delicious apple juice, and Dabinett makes my favourite single variety cider.


Help ! are all crab apples edible, can they all be made into jelly ? I have one small tree which is overloaded every year and it seems a waste to compost them all.
Could you not grow apples in large pots? I am hoping to grow apples next year once I have got the allotment going
Could some one help me with getting rootstock mm116?


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