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A few shredded lettuce leaves cooked with peas is delicious. Add a handful of chopped cooked bacon or ham just before serving. Yum!
I have just started on my lettuces about two weeks ago. They are in a propagator and have about three leaves on them. when would they be ready to plant out in the garden.Is this right time for them?
vee the allotment that i am on. the girls that run it. plant lettuces all year round. me i have not put any in for the winter. ill just eat others. ill just give it a go.its my first year on my if they are getting away with it. give it a go. you will never no until you try?
Joey you were right about the lettuce. i planted some outside in the garden and they are coming up nicely. thanks.
Apparently the Romain lettuce comes from when the Papal seat moved to Avignon, France. Although you will have to ask a historian why, however the locals picked up the habit of lettuce growing which was eaten by the clergy. The leaves being lightly cooked, which was healthier in the days of poor sanitation.

Perhaps another reason why this plant was used was the fact that the sap contains mild opium compounds so would dull the pain of any medieval teeth?

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