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was given a dwarfed bramley apple tree for my birthday in May, it has 3 lovely apples on ,almost ripe but has suddenly burst into blossom again , any ideas?
one of my friends on the burney lane allotment has apple trees but it got a horrible blackspot so wat is this
Sorry to hear this is your final blog, Jane. I've really enjoyed reading about your plot - thanks for all the advice and I hope we hear from you again in the future!
That's a dreadful shame Jane but thanks for sharing your experiences with us and good luck in all that you do. Ian


Oh Jane, I'm sorry you're ending your blog. I've found it so encouraging, informative and good fun. Very best wishes and many thanks.
Hi, I live NW Spain but come from Devon. The climate here is very similar to that of Devon if slightly hotter but only by a few degrees and just as wet. I planted a Granny Smith 2 year old apple tree last year, attached it to my pergola and did a summer pruning this year. I've just noticed that it has come to blossom now in September. (It didn't blossom in spring which was a disappointment) How normal is this? Will apples come? The NW Spanish verity too has some blossom but not so much? Weird Huh???? Can anyone give me some advice?
Sorry to loose you Jane, you are a great asset to this site and an inspiration to all us harassed veg growers. Hopefully see you in something new soon..? All the best.
can anyone help me my potatoes everyone I have grown 8 different varieties when they are cooked they just boil away. Help please.
thats sad to see you finish this blog all the best and good gardening from northwood kirky allotments and good gardening
I planted an apple tree small variety and this year it suppied me with 3 of the most beautiful apples cookers I don't know the type as the tree was purchased at dear old woolies about a year before their demise but the tree lives on, looking forward to next year, I shall give this tree a name saved from the brink!

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