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Talkback: Growing aquilegias

One of my tasks at the Bristol Bot. Garden recently was to pot up Semiaquilegia adoxoides, three to pot for our plant sale. I was allowed t...

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I've read in places that after flowering, aquilleges should be cut down to ground level. Who does this, or just leaves them to their own devices.

What, cut off those pretty leaves?  Just cut the dead flowers off if you do not want self-sets.

Monty recommends cutting back vigorously. They do regrow in a few weeks.i am fond of Purple Emporer which has lime green leaves. This year I grew MCKAnna giants - very pretty and not too tall. I do rescue seedlings and plant them where I want them! I am very fond of all the varieties and yes I grow them in pots too.

I have collected seeds from a friend's plant today (Mid July) and am wondering whether to sow now or wait until spring.  If I sow now in trays will the potted on seedlings be OK in my coldframe over winter or should I plant them out in late autumn?


If you sow now they'll be big enough for winter in a cold frame pammie. I sow mine fresh and have never lost more than the odd one in winter and mostly they're outside.

I sowed my bought seed in a cold greenhouse in january this year. They all germinated and I didn't have to worry about winter survival.



I sowed some doubles in March, they are now about 6 inches tall in 3" pots. As soon as we have some decent rain (30°C again today and everything is dry) I will plant them out. I've got self-sown singles all over the place and lots of little self-sown seedlings. Winter and snow does't seem to bother them in the least.

Thanks for your advice nutcutlet, I shall sow them today!

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