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Talkback: Growing auriculas

Hi Kate nice to have you back,Their is a nursery on the out skirt's of Croydon that breed's Auriculas,Oldchippy.

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Hi Kate nice to have you back,Their is a nursery on the out skirt's of Croydon that breed's Auriculas,Oldchippy.
Hi Kate - thank you for this auricula-story and especially for your note about comfrey.

In spring primulas and auriculas are my favourite flowers. In my small collection of auriculas it's 'Merlin Striped' I like most. Its flowers are grey-red and are often even double. I got my plant from Barnhaven Primroses.

Hi Kate

Many thanks for this story and especially the tip re gravel on top. I have lost count of the number of auriculas that the vine weevils have destroyed.

I keep my collection in terracotta pots in cat litter trays in a 4 tier mini greenhouse. The cat litter trays are great for watering as no water drips onto the plants on the shelf below.


Not read the original article, but will add my pennywirth about the gravel on top. It needs to be at least 2 inches deep to stop Vine weevils from laying their eggs. That depth is required to prevent the dult from smelling the soil which she needs to do before egg laying.


Love them, Kate. Somehow they only look right in terracotta pots! Happy Easter.



Sorry about that, should have read 2cms not 2 inches, comes of working in one and thinking in the other.

Auricula are wonderful, a real passion! So nice to see them getting so much coverage everywhere -well deserved. Love them so much we started up our own little nursery called Kent Cottage Plants! Now have over 200 varieties growing with around 50 different varieties on sale this year!

Gardening Grandma

Great info, Berghill. Thanks. Specialist nurseries are great, too, though you are not supposed to advertise in this forum!

Apologies.... will remember that, sorry.... Provado systemic vine weevil control will give you long lasting protection - read the label though!! And you must remember to change the compost each year with new, this will help control it too.

I am growing ariculas inmy greenhouse but still no sign of flowers buds yes.

Everything is very behind at the moment scotkat, might be worth starting them on a weak liquid feed, but one with not too much nitrogen as you want to encourage flowers not leaves.

Kate thank you interesting re feed of comfrey.

I dont have any comfrey can this be bought in liquid form.

I have many pots of ariculas growing in my greenhouse in pots with alpine grit.

After seeing the Edinburgh Alpine House I would like to have a sunken bench to plunch my ariculas into.

Another project for my Hubby ,today I will get my New Arch up with my raised planters he as made .


Hi, try my friends...
W & S Lockyer
39 Mitchley Avenue
020 8660 1336

They are lovely and won a gold at Chelsea 2012 x

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