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No so much a comment more a plea for advice, started gowing fruit and veg last year, in a medium size plot at the far end of the garden, all went well but almost everything was eaten by squirels, and or birds, this year we have invested in a fruit cage to cover the whole plot , and althought the birds have been kept out the squirels have chewed through the netting and the foxes have dug under, eating all the soft fruit before it is ripe,leaving very little to pick. Help any tips or suggestions for keeping them out.
I am growing broccoli, peas, sprouts, carrots & lettuce - they are all in pots of varying sizes and so far they are all healthy with not a slug in sight - though I have put copper tape round the pots to deter them.
Heligan Gardens Cornwall would be proud of you as they believe breaking the roots of brassicas harmful. However I am a traditionalist and sow in a seedbed and transplant. Trafalgar is my star variety for Xmas and this year I am growing Rubine which is red in colour so means even more antioxidants.
I am growing three varieties of tomatoes in a large pot outside, one beef tomato variety, one Moneymaker and one Gardner's choice. They are growing happily and all setting flowers except Moneymaker which is growing well but smaller than the other two. I would like some advice on how to look after these and what crop (if any) can I expect. It is a kind of experiment. Many thanks - New gardener.


In reply to the question about foxes pinching the fruit, I understand that you can buy "lion poo" over the internet, I assume from the zoo!! Aparently, this acts as a great deterrant!! I have no experience as to whether this works or not, but it seems worth a go!! I have squirrels who pinch the fruit peelings from our compost heap (our students put all their cookery peelings on my heap, and some weeks I seem to have every melon skin in the town in my garden.) The squirrels grab them from under the cardboard lid and I've seen them perched ontop of the fence nibbling away. Luckily for me, they leave all my veggies alone. Maybe that's another idea, give the squirrels and foxes something else to eat that is nicer than your fruit and veg!! Good luck.
Thanks for the tip St.George's, I will try and source some Lion dung! hope it's not so smelly as to put me off gardening. I think if I put anything out more tasty for the foxes and squirrels I could end up with even more in the garden. I could try to get the neighbours to start growing fruit and maybe they will go for theirs, either that or we will have the fattest wild life in the county.
Anyone know if you need the specific cabbage hoops to protect the brassicas from root fly or can you just make your own with weed suppressing membrane?
I've heard of people using membrane, old carpet or cardboard for the collars, I think it's just an alternative surface to prevent the eggs getting into the soil. I've just noticed clouds of white fly around my newly planted Brussels sprouts - anyone with tips for outdoor control? Many thanks
Could someone give me some advise please, I have read that you can now start sowing Broccoli, cabbage and other green, this might sound a bit silly but I have been to the garden center and all the seeds seem to be sow in april or earlier in the year, do I use these seeds or do I have to have the right seeds for this time of year to sow please help I am confused
i read somewhere that the government is banning the use of derris pesticide at the end of this year.As its completely organic i wonder why?,could you please explain
Hi, I have planted rows of both cauliflower un broccilli right next too each other now my problem is some of my cauliflower leaves have got white spots on on leaves going yellow, in the ground with compost-soil, well watered un feed. what is the problem and how do i cure it.
Like the above letter I also have planted out some Brussel Sprouts that another allotment friend gave me. I surrounded the plants with egg shells, but the slugs seemed to like them, as they have eaten most of my plants. So I have had to resort to slug pellets which I hate using. The slugs have also eaten some of my Purple Sprouting Broccoli, which I have not scattered pellets around as there are lots of them to share with the slugs! My Sweet Corn is looking very healthy, also the Parsnips ,Beetroot, Onions, Garlic, Swiss Chard ,and some of the Carrots. As mentioned in my previous letter I lost my Leek seedlings, but the same friend who gave me the Brussel Sprouts has promised me some of her Leek seedlings. Eve from Westerham Kent.

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