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I am sure that I read somewhere that putting down holly leaves will deter mice from eating newly planted peas or beans.
Why not invest in the cheaper end of the cloche market -a couple of low profile 1x mtre polytunnels or similar won't cost the earth - your beans will race away from a late autumn start - and you can switch the cloches to protect and start off spring sowings of other plants once the beans are up and running around March.
After watching program on Friday i would like to get my hands on free compost for the children's day nursery that i work in to fill our raised beds that the children will grow veg in . I live in Torquay does any one know some contact names and numbers? I'm finding this difficult as we are not a charitable organisation. Please Help!


Have some banana plant seeds that i have soaked for 24 hours i then planted them in pots 3 weeks ago but the seeds are still hard what am i doing wrong.
Could you please tell me what ingredients make up a good seed compost, like Monty's. Thanks
Hiya, Our broad beans went into the ground last November and are just now coming into flower. My students are very pleased that they have something growing in their new vegetable bed. The frost & snow beat them down a bit, but we've tied them to their wig-wam now, so they are fine. Hope yours are going to be OK.
Broad Beans usually do well if planted in early winter or early spring, say March, weather permitting. Planting them directly in the ground may mean a few are lost to mice, crows etc, but the remainder will easily survive all but the harshest weather. It is part of gardening to lose some plants, just ensure that you have enough left over to plant when the weather gets warmer.
We have found that over wintered Aquadulce beans do not suffer so much from blackfly, we have had an allotment for three years,the first year we grew spring sown beans but had lots of blackfly but sowing them in november they seam to miss the blackfly and we seam to have a bigger crop. They also are quite able to take whatever weather we have.
Planted out broad beans tonight,these have been growing in pots for a month now ,and have reached about 20cms in hight. Also planted out onions grown from seed and sown broad beans direct in ground.
I've just got back to the UK and am trying to sort out my veggie garden. I'd like to put in some broad beans - is it too late to do that? If not, when are they likely to crop? Thanks!
Have planted my broad beans out but they have started flowering already and they are only 14 inches tall - whats the best way to help them grow? any ideas?


We planted broad beans direct to the plot on the 13th October last year,just as a green manure.It has been a bonus for us that we now have beautiful bean plants full of fat pods.Having never eaten them before we tried some last week, fantastic flavour.They did get a good battering with the windy weather, but we tied them up and are cropping weekly from them. they freeze really well too.
I'm have grown broad beans for the first time this year. I grew them in pots and then transplanted them to a bed. I have got some beans that are about 8 inches long and now seem to be being nibbled by something! Any ideas?
Have some super broad beans,heaviest I have ever had,put them out in the garden early june..we use an ordinary.. press to wash hand wash at our kitchen sink (probably detergent)we save the water in a bucket and douse the whole plants gently every evening with it..good healthy strong plants in london,virtually free from might be coincidence,but it works for me..
We've grown broad beans for the first time this year and even up here in the wild north east they have done really well. I'd like to keep some of the beans to use next year can anyone give me some hints on drying them for storage over the winter! thanks
My broad beans look very healthy (I always protect young plants with a can with both ends cut out) and I have harvested the first of them (to be eaten in their pods). However, many flowers have just fallen off without bean pods forming. Any suggestions as to the problem? Thanks.