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I have a camellia which was in flower when bought, i transfered to a larger pot with the right soil but it did not flower the following year 08 or this year. Could you tell me what could be the reason.
I have an old camellia - white - which has not flowered properly for two or three years. The white flowers get rusty. Any tips for getting rid of this - or do I ditch camellia altogether?
Hi I want to know what to do about sooty mold (caused by scale) when my camellia w. is 15 or more feet tall. How can I possible sponge each leaf? Are there other alternatives My camellia has always been very healthy until now.
When is the best time to prune and repot Camellias?
was given a camellia some years ago but while it appears very healthy it has never flowered.Please help!!


Camelias need Ericacious soil, they hate frost so if they are brown at the edges then the frost is the killer, mine does that too but I cannot put the fleece round it as it would blow away and take all the buda off too

Feed camelllias & make sure they do not dry out in Autumn or the buds will drop. Use canes to hold the fleece above the leaves & flowers &secure with clothespegs

somerset steve

I have a camellia (which is fighting for space with a viburnum shrub which is slightly out of control and which i really should attack and cut back!) and last autumn i did try to wrap it in fleece but to no avail as i either knocked off buds or the fleece came loose and voided the purpose of covering it in the first place.

My main problem last year was the rust that spoiled all my amazing flowers. I read somewhere that it is an infection that drops to the soil and re-infects next years buds if you dont pick up all the rusted flowers straight away.

I have put down weed matting and blue slate layer now so hopefully that will reduce my rust issues this coming spring.

CaeT, it could be that it has just grown that's all. But, did it get dry during the summer.? This is when the flower buds form. If it gets dry the camellia will not form flower buds. Sooty mould is caused by aphids. Try to clean leaves as thoroughly as possible them spray early spring with systemic insecticide. It's a vicious circle.....Aphids, sooty mould, aphids, etc. sorry. Ailsacaig, just noticed I have repeated some of your advice

Somerset steve, the rust you speak of on your flowers is not rust. It is damage caused to the petals by either wind/frost or both. What situation is your camellia sited in - facing east? windy site? frost pocket - what part of the country are you in? 


somerset steve
Daintiness wrote (see)

Somerset steve, the rust you speak of on your flowers is not rust. It is damage caused to the petals by either wind/frost or both. What situation is your camellia sited in - facing east? windy site? frost pocket - what part of the country are you in? 


Oh thats disappointing if it is frost damage... i live on the side of the mendip hills in somerset. Camellia is 6 feet from the house in a north facing garden.

I tried my best to wrap it in fleece last winter but as it is intermingled with a similar sized viburnum that task wasn't entirely successful. The frost pocket could be the answer, the garden is fairly sheltered but in the winter even indirect strong sunlight doesn't reach the camellia between november and march i would say so the frost lingers.

Even in Cornwall white camellias are vulnerable to frosts. They do need protection and prob best grown indoors in comservatory
Thanks, picked up a few good tips

My camellia is in full bloom and is a tall generally healthy plant. Is it normal for the flowers to fall off even when in full bloom or when the branches are knocked or shaken even by the birds. It faces west and is in a small London garden

I inherited a pink one in the front garden with the house. I lightly prune it straight after it has flowered, to keep a nice shape, and to stop it taking over. I throw some compost under it around autumn time, or when doing that section of garden, and I do water it if again watering the front garden. It is cushioned between the house and a fence, so must be protected. This year it seemed to flower twice! Having had a GOOD show of flowers as per normal, when pruning, I found buds about to open! In Tiverton it is attacked by wind, gales and even snow, and survives. Early sun, going over to shade in the mid day. Doesn't get pampered, just loved!


I have both white and red Camelia's in my garden in the W Midlands and they do not seam to affected by the frost,they both survived last years cold winter,the only difference being that 2 years ago it flowered in January and this year it flowered in March. 

I have just bought a camellia to remember a much loved but deceased pet. The picture on the label showed a white camelia with a yellow double centre, just what I wanted, but now the flower buds have come out and it is very beautiful but only a cream colour. I've noticed that a plant in my neighbour's garden has become bigger and brighter this spring, a year after she bought it. Will this happen to mine? Do they improve with age? 

Pippa, forget the picture on the label.  They are usually misleading.  Does your variety have a name?  Buy a named variety and you know exactly what colour you will get.  

So, no I don't think your camelia will suddenly change from its current colour as it ages.  Sorry. 


Your plant will grow and thrive if happy. Make sure you give it a feed after it has flowered - use food for camelias/rhododendrons/azaelas which is sold in all good GCs. The other thing I would say is don't let it go short of water in the autumn when it makes its buds for next year's flowers and you should have a lovely show next year.

Can the root form of a Camellia damage adjacent property (bungalow)? Cayenne.

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