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I would find it more useful if I could see the video, I have asked for help on this and with the weather forecast which always defaults to London, but so far no change!
Suddenly after I submitted the above comment, the video started to play I've had this problem with videos for months!
I am having the same problem with videos as mentioned above. I have emailed GW with no reply. Is anyone else having the same issue? I have tried several different PCs at different locations (work,home, etc.) and always see the same blank green screen. All the machines used have adobe flash player version 9 or above. All the adverts that appear alongside seem to work okay and they are shown as being adobe played.
I am having trouble getting the sound for the videos. I have down-loaded the Adobe software as advised and have go a good picture but no sound. What action do I need to take please? I am using an Apple Mini-Mac system. David.
I was and indeed always interested in Gardeners World and I was surprised to learn last evening that when I lift my pelorgoniums then I cut them back and put them indoors if possible. Perhaps I did not catch all of what to do with those plants and how very sad that as from next week, it will not be televised before 10 pm. which is late for us old folk!!


No fuss, easy to understand information. Thank you.
I have a beautiful Canna and as I never had one before now, I am not sure how to care for it. If I lift it now or do I wait until it dies down and there are no leaves left on it and later on can I divide it? Thank you -- I will appreciate any info on Cannas and their care. reillymarie
I bought a canna last year as it was such a beautiful plant,not realising how i should care for it! Needless to say it died. This year i will look after my new one with tender loving care as shown in your video. thanks, caroline.
i have grown cannas for a couple of years I have a part of the garden which was an old pond and is quite boggy I am going to plant a couple of cannas as I saw cannas growing as pond marginal plants at Kew
Comprehensive video guide? I don't think so!

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