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Hi, I have a question, which I hope someone can answer for me please! Do I have to start with a new plant every year or will my chilli plant flower again next year? This is my 1st growing them, at the moment my plant has little white flowers all over it.
I have grown chillies for some time and usually get masses of plants and chillies but not this year-very poor results-so last week went to Chilli Event and came home with 11 different plants. Needless to say my visiting son and grandson went home with some but I still have Rococo, Goat Horn, Sweet Wrinkled Old Man,Bulgarian Carrot, Super Chilli, AJI Crystal and of course Joe's Long Cayenne, Looking forward to seeing results. I also discovered that chillies are perennials-never knew that!
I grew my own chillis from seed for the first time this year,on the kitchen windowsill. When they were 3 to 4 inches high I repotted and put in a mini greenhouse, but unfortunately with a couple of days real sun, I lost them..... having another go, but wont be putting in greenhouse !!!!! Has anyone grown them on a windowsill and got chilli's ???
just growing some Apache chillies for the first time i have flowers and some small chillies i would like to know when i can start picking them
My chilli plants look great with tons of flowers - but when the flowers die the stem goes yellow and drops off the plant. Any suggestions? I water them regularly and give them a tomato feed once a week.


Hi there fellow chilli worshipers , I've grown about 25 plants from seed but only seeded them about 6 weeks ago ive now got 25 really healthy plants about 6" high but now I'm worried about the lateness of the year can anyone tell me what to do to hopefully get a crop I've only got a small plastic greenhouse !! Plz help
ive heard the worlds hottest chilli is the Dorset Naga it if you dont beleive me, i been growing an Apache plant now and its generating bout 6 fruits and 2 are turning red.
I have grown a chilli plant from seed, it's from one of those 'grow your own' kits. I have three lovely green chillis growing but I don't know what variety it is, how can I find out? can send picture if need be. Thanks Janine.
Hi folks My Apache chilli plant is going from strength to strength now, it got around 10 fruits on it in varying stages of development and still throwing off flowers. i even tried my first chilli in a home made guacamole recently..the chilli has a nice flavour with a subtle kick at the back of it nice..hope to try hotter chillis next year ..can any 1 suggest a hotter chilli that grows as a dwarf plant that i can grow on windowsill please..Regards all
I opened the article hoping for advice on actually "growing" chilli peppers. There was nothing.
hi fellow growers...we are new to growing our own veg but managed a crop of tomatoes, peppers and chilli,s this year,(which was not bad for a first time attempt)my chilli plant is quite large but if i bring it in over the winter will it still produce chillis? and where is best to keep it, on a warm sunny window sill?? any help or advice is greatly appreiciated.....
Can someone please tell me the name of the chilli seeds that where given away with the magazine last spring? I want to get some more, they are very successful, I have them growing in my conservatory.
The free seeds given away with BBC Gardeners' World Magazine last March were Chilli Cayenne. Delighted to hear they were successful for you. We'll have more free seeds to send off for with our January 2010 issue (10 packets free - 5 of veg and 5 of flowers!) and will also be carrying free seeds on our front cover in March.
I am training to be a chef and have a huge love of chillies. Please could someone tell me how I start to grow my own? Have I left it too late now winter is upon us ?? Please help !
To Laughing Lobster: Yes, it's too late to sow chillis this year, but start doing your research and buying seed of the varieties you are after. These can be sown in a heated propagator next Feb/March. Alternatively, check out some of the specialist chilli nurseries around the country that sell plants eg Good luck!


In reply to Adams comments 20/4/10 Hi Adam I have some Jolokia chillies that my son purchased, we have contest to see who can eat the hottest spices ect, anyway the ones i have need to be rehydrated in warm water for 20 mins. The packet says if you play with me you play with fire. Take my word for it its true, my son soaked one and gave me about an 1/2 inch peice to try, my god your head leaves your shoulders; i have tried soaking one in a pint of water then adding just the water to rice to cook it doesn't loose any taste its just as hot. One handy hint for you or anyone wanting to try them have a glass of milk handy infact have a few, its the only thing i have found to counter act the heat; hope this helps you regards Mike27
i have started to grow scotch bonnet chillies in the house and now they have grown realy hight about 5 foot, can t cut them down by half?
I bought a chilli plant a few months ago as I couldnt be bothered to wait so long if i did it from seed.The plant has been doing so well, i've been watering it 2-3 times a week as advised and keep it on a sunny ledge or outside for a few hours on a warm day. All of a sudden it is wilting and limp, i have 3 chillies starting to grow and lots more flowers. can anyone help please???? im confused. I've even been giving it plant food once a week. Thanks!