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chillies & tomatoes doing well and looking really strong

Sean Kingswell
I bought a chili pack from a supermarket recently. Two out of the eight seeds seem to have grown on a reasonably sunny window sill. Given my love of chilis I wish I'd have seen this video earlier.
Further instructions would be helpful please - do i nip tops out at any time? How do i stop them becoming a thin beanpole, and actually get them to produce something?

Norfolk Chilli Farm.

Have you any advice on over wintering chillies? I know a few of us may be giving it a go this year.

i have chilly and tomatoes but they are very thin i dont know what to do with them, there are only first two leaves and nothing else? at the moment they are in kitchen do i need to keep them warm or cold in order to let them get bigger?



As much natural light as possible is the key now saadia.  They should be on a windowsill which gets the sun for most of the day.  They also need to be kept fairly warm but anything above 10C will be fine.  If the weather is sunny and warm, you can put them outside in the sun during the day and that will help them to become stronger.  Bring them in at night though.

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