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I have substituted marrow this summer for carrot and celery in chicken soup with rice - it adds this really delicious, subtle top note when it's been cooked in homemade stock. Once you stop expecting marrow to taste like courgette, and accept that the flavour is much more delicate, you get loads more out of it!
A stuffed 'Marrow' is very tasty. What you do is take a nice sized 'Marrow'(small enough to fit in the oven) and slice through the one end with a sharp knife, about 1.1/2 -2" opposite end to the stalk. You then scoop out the inside fleshy part of the Marrow and seeds, and stuff with semi-cooked vegetables, fish, prawns, meat or whatever takes your fancy, place the end that you sliced through at the beginning, back onto the end of the 'Marrow' then wrap the whole thing in foil(as you would with a 'Turkey')making sure the end cap is positioned and sealed with the foil, then place in the oven on a baking tray at a medium - high heat setting for approx. 1 and quarter hrs, checking and turning occasionally to ensure an all over bake.
i want to grow giant marrow,come on everyone let,s bring back the village or town show as everyone has gone mad and now growing their own,ginger and marrow jam is delightful.
last week I read that marrows could be stored but did not say how to store - any suggestions?
Try this book What Will I Do with All Those Courgettes? (Paperback) by Elaine Borish (Author) 150 different recipes. Haven't tried them all but the ones I've tried are delicious.


Makes a nice jam too. I still love marrow peeled and scooped and filled with minced meat made from a leftover roasted joint, mixed with onions and gravy then baked wrapped in foil.
sliced courgette, onion and garlic fried in olive oil. Then add grilled or fried browned pine nuts. Mix into pasta. Add parmesan cheese. A great simple Italian dish prepared in minutes. Delicious.
100gr gorgonzola cubed ½ liter cream (cooking) 8 (cherry)tomatoes 2 eggs 2 courgettes cubed 2 teaspoons Italian herbs (thyme, rosemary etc chopped) 2 egg yokes Garlic to taste ½ bag (aprr 200 grams) water cress Salt and pepper Clean and cube the courgettes. Put them in a glass container and salt to taste. Cover with microwave proof cling films and whack at full power (600-700 watts) for about 3 mins. Press out all moisture using a clothe or sieve. Blend hem in a blender. Squeeze the garlic to the courgettes. Add: gorgonzola, eggs and egg yokes, cream, herbs and pepper to taste. Stir into a puree. Grease 4 small soufflé dishes and fill with the courgette puree. Place the dishes into the microwave and blast them for another 2 to 3 minutes at full power. Turn them out on a plate and garnish with watercress and cherry tomatoes. Nice with garlic toast…
Chocolate courgette cake, I use the ones that have become large marrows...BBC recipe website is to die for. I also make lots of delicious chutney... and various other courgette cakes. In fact now I deliberately overplant so that I can stock up freezer and storecupboard with cakes and chutneys to last the winter and to give away.
You can also grow ball shaped courgettes / marrows. The bigger ones are fantastic stuffed with bolognese (as per Deirdre's comment) and baked in the oven. You also have the option of hanging on to them till halloween and using them as small green pumpkins!

They will give out at least 3/4 pint of water during the cooking process though, so use a deep dish and serve up the juices as a soup for starters!

I often oven roast slices of marrow and have it instead of pasta.

Hi there, I recently saw a recipe for marrow and ginger preserve in the BBC's good food magazine (don't work for the BBC, I promise!) which looked really good, and would be worth a try if you've got them going spare. You might be able to find it on their website.
I am always slightly amused by the idea of picking courgettes when they are still small. As a French southerner, the whole idea of growing your own is that you can pick them when they are about 40cm long, not as the young watery vegetable you'll find in any supermarket. Then you'll be able to enjoy something which tastes of.. courgette and cook them in as many ways as your great grand mother, grandmother and your own mum taught you to do. YUMMY.
late I know, but suggestion for julier - hang up marrows in old (preferably clean) tights in a frost free shed or garage - works a treat for me and a solution to all those laddered 10 deniers!
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I love courgette or marrow in chutnies and picalillis. There are as many variations as there are veg & spices, so have a go. The BBC food web site is a good starting point.

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