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Personally I'd stay away from Nigella which now come up all over my allotment every year!
im growing sun russain gaint sunflowers up and down mt plot on the borders there great massive bin lid heads plus great for the birds when they go to waste seeds a plenty
Sunflowers are also great for feeding birds later and at the allotments where I am in South Devon we all seem to sow bee attracting flowers for pollination and encourageing bees generally which are seriously in decline at the moment. Phacelia is a good one. C.D.
I have just arranged for a beekeeper to put some hives in my field.It will be fascinating to see them buzzing about and as well as the fruit trees and insect friendly flowers that I grow I shall plant lots of annuals in the veg plot just for them to enjoy. I'm sure it will less stressful than trying unsuccessfully to stop the slugs eating most of my veggies.


What a great idea. Don't think there are any hives on our plot, must find out what the policy is on ours as we would now have space. Am trying the super giant sunflowers from Jungle Seeds this year. Skycrapper is a great name for a sunflower. Where did the seed come from? Do pass on any tricks of the trade you have for growing big 'uns.
We have 2 hives on our allotment site and they are great, poor old dick wasnt so keen to begin with his plot was right in the flight path of the bees.The keeper put up 6ft high piece of netting so they now fly up and over his plot.
well my work mate has competitions with his kids ,what he doesnt tell them is he puts a good bucket of cow manure 3 inches below so when the roots hit that rich stuff they sky rocket upwards beets them by 3foot a year guess hes a sore loser
Today's bargain of echinacea plants was too good to miss for cutting!! They will go in the veg. garden to give some colour and flowers for the house, probably just a few this year but loads in future years.
Sunflowers for my paintings are only about 1 foot tall, but they are growing in this very hot weather. My sweetpeas have done well in pots, growing up a garden sign in the pots. That I've never tried before and it is working.
All great ideas especially the bee hives. I am interest on how you got on with the zinnias flowers? Thanks Aanee xxx
Just got an allotment!! The usual suspects are in, potatoes, beans etc. I seen to have lots of space left ( just getting used to having space after years of Roof Top Gardening in pots!)so a cut flower bed seems like a great idea. Any recommendations for flower combinations that will see me through the year??
I planted three sunflowers this year, first time, one is 10` tall with no head yet, one grew to 4` with two heads, that died and the third one has 33 heads at the last count, 18 flowers so far, is this normal as all the seeds came from the same pack
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I was told last Sunday by a call from a commity member that I cannot grow flowers on the allotment that it is just for vegetables even when they were told I grew flowers for the Bees and other insects. I have been growing conflowers, nastursium and other cottage garden flowers for the last 6 years with out comment from anyone.



An allotment is, as far as I know, a piece of land you rent to grow upon whatever it is that you wish to grow.  I do not think your committee member can tell you not to grow flowers - most people do as far as I know - that just sounds like high handedness for its own sake.  Of course if you are growing commercial crops, or ferocious weeds, or illegal things that is different, but as far as I have found, flowers are not (yet) illegal!!!  If it is a council site, check with them if you may grow flowers - besides, if you hav e done so for 6 years, why the fuss now?  Do you have a new broom who wishes ................

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