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I have what I believe is a Bramley apple tree. It has white fur growing on some of the old growth. Any solutions would be appreciated. Regards Mick Clements
Beginner! -advice required please! I have a cox's orange pippin apple tree which I planted last autumn at the top of my garden where it gets plenty of sun, Its about 6 foot but clearly a new tree. I have been reading articles on pruning etc, and wondered if I ought to prune it at all this year or should I just feed it & leave it for pruning till next year? If I prune it, I fear there will be v little left! - cheers
i have a braburn apple tree that i am growing in a 30 litre pot,this year i replaced about 2ins of john innes no1 &fed with slow release feed this is the second year i have had it there was no fruit last year should i get fruit this year?&should i follow your advise & prune this year?
I hava a young weeping crab apple tree (Royal Beauty) do I prune it in the same way as you describe in your HOW TO DO IT section? If not what would you recomend!
I have a Bramley and a discovery do I prune them now?


Bramley and Discovery are both what is called partial tip bearers. In other words, some of the fruit is produced at the tips of the branches and some along their length. Clearly, pruning the branhes at the ends will result in fewer fruits next year. However, a balance must be struck between leaving the branches unpruned and having the tree  grow ever larger and trimming them but losing apples. So it

If your tree is older than three years but not huge, you can safely take the central leading branch( or branches) down by a quarter of what it/they put on this year. That will encourage fruiting spurs along the length of the branches and keep the fruits within reach. Then take out any old, dead branches and any that cross the centre of the tree and clog it up.  Make sure that no lateral branch overlies another by less than 18 inches.

Keep doing that every year and you should be OK.

How to prune sour cherry tree and when
I have an ancient Bramley which is very large. If I cut the top as described most of the apples will drop off. I usually prune the top when the tree is dormant. Is this ok.

Yes you can prune it in the winter but I'd only do a bit at a time. By that I mean do a section this winter and another one next winter. That way the tree won't be too shocked by the attack on it. Also, the harder you cut something the more it grows back to compensate, so if you don't want it to sprout all over the place only do a bit at a time.

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