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Is it too late to plant garlic cloves now? I have very heavy clay soil as well. Thanks
It is not too late to plant garlic - you tend to get a heavier crop from autumn plantings but I usually plant more cloves in the spring, I intend to buy some more this weekend... if I get time!

As for what to plant, just last year I gave a couple of bulbs of garlic to a dear, dear friend of mine, omitting to tell her more than that it wanted a good, sunny spot... then in the summer I was summoned round to look at two green crested outbursts in the border... they do need to be separated in to cloves, not planted as whole bulbs!! It is an easy enough mistake, especially when your friends are not even sensible enough to tell you!!

Plant garlic bulbs in single cloves for good results. I grow mine in an old bread tray every year and have had great success, although I am worried about the effect the rainfall will have this year.
Forgot to mention. You can plant garlic up until February although the earlier the better as going through a cold snap is actually good for it. Hope this is of some help to first time garlic growers.
Hi staceyF, Garlic is planted in single cloves, with the pointy bit at the top. Hope that helps.


A Quick word about garlic, It's best to break up the bulb into smaller cloves,it can be planted late Autumn or early Spring, I normally go for early Spring though.
StaceyF - you plant each clove separately, & each clove should become a whole head when you harvest them in the summer. Bauchigirl - you can plant them in spring, no worries, though the crop may be a little smaller/later than if you'd done so in autumn.
I too have very heavy clay and have had varying results with garlic. I have found spring sowing in my area (Notts) very poor, but I may try a second planting soon (if I get time!). I will certainly try Pippa's ridge method next autumn although the new crop has suddenly sprouted beautifully and seems to be looking good with not a trace of yellow as yet. Your blog was very helpful thank you Pippa - I didn't know about yellow being a sign of waterlogging and its good to hear how others cope with the dreaded clay.
i had garlic in my fridge now it has started growing so i put them into a tray to grow in the greenhouse then put into my allotment
It's certainly worth a try, the only potential problem is that there will be an increased risk of virus infection from supermarket/greengrocer garlic... but why not give it a go!
I have started my garlic off in little jiffy pots and placed half in the coldframe and the remainder in a cold greenhouse. I am hoping this will give them a boost as I also garden with clay soil - the thick grey clay.
If you have too much garlic, you can also plant the whole bulbs and then just use the green shoots as you would garlic chives. Otherise, as everyone has alread said, you do have to separate the bulb into cloves. I hope that makes sense!
Elephant garlic - actually more of a leek than a true garlic - is wierd, yes, not one of my favourites, but it can be raised from cloves just like you would proper garlic......yes, I don't really like it - suppose it is the flavour and warmth and excitement of proper garlic I like, and elephant garlic just doesn't hit any of the right buttons!
I have tried garlic but for some reason I only seem to get one 'bulb' ie small onion, as in one clove not a whole head of garlic - i have tried one lot autumn planted which was slightly larger and one lot spring but only small one. Garden is clay but i have raised beds with good draining soil. I plant individual cloves not the whole head. Anyone got any ideas why this could be?


I'm going to grow garlic for the first time this year and your tip will be very helpful, do squirrels and mice like garlic.
I've planted garlic for the first time this year, although I did get it in a bit late (January). I'm growing it in a large pot and they were looking fine, but over the last few days I have noticed yellowing (which I put down to water-logging from the heavy rain?) but they seem to be going from yellow to a more crispy brown! is it too much water? I'm using a multi-purpose compost mixed with a small amount of sand to aid drainage.
I planted Garlic in November, first time I have done it so followed an ancient gardening book's instructions. Some were planted in soil (chalky) and some in compost in a tub. I've noticed that some of the stems are turning brown, about one stem on each plant. Is that a sign they are ready or some other problem and if they aren't ready when will they be, how do I tell the book doesn't tell me that.
Hi,I have decided to grow my Garlic with the ridge, my soil is clay. So far they are doing really well
I have a walnut tree, about 20ft tall grown from a walnut my friend gave me from her tree, it gives loads of nuts but last year I noticed the leaves have reddish blisters, is this fatal the nuts were fine any ideas what to do or shall I leave it?.