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Hi all. I managed to plant 6 giants out. 1 is huge at 210cm, 2 are about 170cm and others vary. And no sign of full flowers yet so still growing :)
I have got a giant self-seeded sunflower in the garden, which has just come into bloom. I will measure it later - I can't wait.
Hi there... Just been out and measured my tallest sunflower and it's 4 metres 30 mm..The tallest I've ever grown for sure...others around it are around 3.5 - 4 metres....they are magnificient....I'll email a picture.... Cheers
Wow, that is wonderful, I measured mine this morning - the only one in my veg patch and its a whopping 3.64M or almost 12 foot - a record for me.


i'm not growing sun flower's ,I have just been to look my tulip tree with flower's 16" high,The tree has only been in 6 year's and I won't be around when it get to100".

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