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Talkback: Growing hellebores

I started off with one pink and two white Hellebores now I have dozens of white and still only one pink,and the rest of the garden covered w...

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could cry!!! Got home tonight to find that my other half took me litterally when I said I wanted to sow my hellebore seed on a tray rather than let it drop.


he cut all flower heads off, apparently poddled the seeds abd has sowed theM!!!! They are green not ripe and brown, have I now lost all hope of baby hellebores!!!! Can I do anything??


Oh dear, what a kindly thing for your OH to do, even if not quite as you wanted it - perhaps more explanations next time?

All you can do now is a) visit friends with seeding hellebores, admire them and beg some seeds, b) buy some which are in seed c) wait till next year, and have a loving talk about how seeds really work, and what you hope to do next time?

Do keep the tray going, plants will do their level best to grow, you may be surprised by them, some may actually germinate?


I'll put some seed on the seed swap when they're ripe RD

Thanks nut! He said they were like cream peas!!! Thanks for hints bukertoo. Just sad there were 3 different couloured plants there too. He didn't take the pods off my variagated one as said pods felt empty, so one hope left. But was desperate for more of my deep pink!!!

My boss has just sold her house and wants to give me some of her hellebore clump, it's a dusky purple flower. It's currently going to make seeds, how is best to lift and divide?? 



If the move isn't imminent I'd get he seeds off first

I think at this time of year I'd get the plant with as much attached soil as i could and move it in one lump

It's going to happen in July! The clump is about 3-4 foot, so just dig off a portion then replant or cut leaves off then plant? 


Yes but water it thoroughly at least an hour earlier so its roots suffer minimum damage when you split it.   Hellébores don't like being moved so make sure you have its new home well prepared and replant at the same depth then be prepared for it to sulk till it settles in.   Keep it watered in dry spells till next autumn.

She will be transporting in a pot to me, so hope it all goes ok. 

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